PowerShot and IXUS digital compact cameras

Powered by innovative Canon technologies, our PowerShot and IXUS ranges of superb quality, highly portable compact digital cameras will inspire you to take the next step to shooting and sharing exceptional photos and movies. Plus our extensive range includes the best compact digital camera for you - whether you ’re a complete beginner or an advanced professional.

Expert cameras

Bridge cameras

Superzoom cameras

Designed for advanced photographers, our expert compacts are the perfect, portable alternative or complement to a DSLR. With an exciting blend of cutting-edge technology, market-leading optics, intuitive Full Manual control and RAW, they deliver exceptional performance and are ideal for low light shooting.

Our versatile compact bridge cameras offer the biggest optical zooms, a DSLR style grip, and let you take creative control with manual settings. Get stunning results from sweeping landscapes to extreme telephoto shots of wildlife.

Shoot whatever you want, wherever you go with our versatile superzooms, which fit powerful zoom lenses into super compact, stylish camera bodies. Ideal for special occasions and holidays.

Wi-Fi cameras

Point and Shoot cameras

Underwater and adventure cameras

Stay connected on the go with Canon Wi-Fi compact cameras. Upload, print and backup images directly from your camera or link it to your smartphone or tablet for instant sharing.

Small enough to pop into your pocket or bag, our point and shoot cameras are packed with cutting edge technology - so shooting and sharing exceptional photos and movies is a breeze for everyone.

Open up a new world of photography on your next challenging or underwater adventure. Capture stunning shots on extreme outdoor activities with the rugged PowerShot D30 or add a waterproof case to a compatible camera to shoot underwater down to 40 m or protect your camera from sea, sand and snow.

Low-light cameras

Canon’s low-light cameras give you significantly superior results in challenging light situations. Combining our optical expertise with HS System they deliver superb results that capture the real atmosphere of the moment.

Travel cameras

Wherever your travels take you, Canon’s compact, lightweight travel cameras are the perfect companion. Easy to carry and packed with powerful optical zooms they give you the capability to capture and share all your holiday and travel memories in superb quality.

Support for your compact camera

Download software, firmware and manuals and get access to online technical support resources and troubleshooting for your compact camera.

Looking for previous compact cameras

Find specification and compatible accessories information for older PowerShot and IXUS models in our archived products section.