Bridge Cameras

Ideal for shooting everything from ultra-wide-angle landscapes to extreme telephoto shots of wildlife, each Canon bridge camera offers a powerful zoom lens for capturing near and far subjects in sharp detail. With the proven stability and handling of a DSLR-like body, bridge cameras also offer a range of easily accessible camera controls allowing you to advance your photography to the next level using manual or custom settings.

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Optical Excellence

Powerful zoom, stunning sharp results

To give you the best performance, whether shooting wide or at maximum zoom, we have distilled the innovation and excellence of our high-end optics into some of the smallest and most powerful optical zoom lenses available. Shots and movies are sharp and detailed even when you’re shooting in low light or filming on the move thanks to Intelligent IS - our advanced optical image stabilisation system.

Bridge Cameras Optical Excellence
Never lose sight

Zoom Framing Assist

Never lose sight of a subject while zooming

Wildlife and sports stars rarely keep still but thanks to Zoom Framing Assist you can keep track of distant subjects at high zoom, even when they’re on the move. At the press of a button the camera quickly zooms out of the scene - so you can relocate your subject - zooming back the moment the button is released. Or switch your camera to the handy Auto Mode, which automatically tracks faces for you and uses the zoom to ensure they remain at a preset size and stay inside the frame.

Take Control

Advanced features, manual modes

Explore your passion for photography and put power in your next step with advanced features and manual controls. Take control by choosing your own settings for various parameters such as aperture, shutter speed, white balance and ISO. Plus our best bridge camera can shoot in RAW format – so you can take full creative control of your images from composition to post-shot editing.

Advanced features
Ergonomic grip

Ergonomic grip

Steady, comfortable shooting

Shooting with high-optical zoom requires greater stability - so a grip that helps you aim with confidence and in comfort is very important. You can enjoy steadier shots even at full zoom thanks to our bridge cameras' refined ergonomic grips. Designed with your comfort in mind – using extensive research into grip design and Canon’s know-how from our EOS DSLRs – the size, material, shape and texture of the grip have all been enhanced. So you’ll always have a firm hold on the camera and can shoot comfortably for longer periods.


You would need to carry all these lenses with a DSLR to enjoy the same zoom range that you get with a compact Canon bridge camera.