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At any level, training needs to be about passing on knowledge and making sure that the delegate understands and gets benefit from it. Sadly too, much training on photography today is still based on theories which are 50 years old or older. Modern cameras need modern teachings. There are still photographic tutors telling us that we need to take every picture on a tripod. This type of approach shows a total lack of understanding of what modern SLR cameras, both digital and 35mm, are all about.

As the number one provider of training in the UK to the enthusiast photographer, we see a wide spectrum of abilities and knowledge from men and women of all ages. Many have been photographers for many years, but are often confused about digital technologies because they have been explained to them by someone who does not understand the technologies themselves, or they have been on training courses where the main aim has been to sell them products rather than to teach them anything meaningful at all.

The great advantage of learning within the Experience Seminars program is that the tutors are photographers as well as trainers so we can understand the problems that all levels of photographers have and we provide solutions that work for them as individuals, rather than just a blanket offering of instruction. We love photography, passing on our vast knowledge and expertise and inspiring you to take better photographs. We are firm believers in the fact that you never stop learning and in photography today, this has never been a truer statement.

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