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Canon CanoScan 9900F
Photo, Film and Document Scanner

Archived Product

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CanoScan 9900F

The CanoScan 9900F is a professional desktop scanner that rivals the quality of dedicated film scanners, yet delivers great quality and great value, whether you’re scanning from originals or negatives.


  • 3200 x 6400 dpi sensor
  • 48-bit colour
  • FAU for 35 mm, 120 rolls or 4” x 5”
  • Holds up to 24 frames of 35 mm film
  • FARE Level 2 dust and scratch removal
  • Grain Equalisation and Management
  • Reconstruction of Colour
  • Super Galileo 2 lens
  • Mac Compatible

This is the image scanner that means business

Productivity and performance
The CanoScan 9900F is a CCD desktop scanner with the highest performance to date. It has everything you need to make the highest-quality scans available — of documents, images or film — while increasing your productivity. Whether you're scanning reflective originals or film negatives, the CanoScan 9900F captures stunning images with its 3200 x 6400 dpi optical resolution and 48-bit colour depth. This scanner extracts unparalleled colour gradation, shadow and highlight detail from your original, producing enlargements of excellent quality and detail.

Enhanced film adaptor unit
Canon has created a large, light-efficient Film Adaptor Unit by combining curved and flat reflective plates to increase the light condensing rate. Combined with other design improvements, the CanoScan 9900F’s FAU is extremely large without compromising brightness. You can now scan up to 24 individual 35mm frames in a single run. It will also manage your 120 rolls and 4” x 5” plates with ease and can scan up to 8 mounted slide frames at a time.

Fare level 2
The CanoScan 9900F uses Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement technology to clean up your scan before you start working on it. A combination of infrared light and an advanced hardware process allow dust and scratches to be removed from the surface of your original. Reconstruction of colour technology helps to restore hues and tints, even if the colours have faded on your original, while grain equalisation and management removes any graininess on high resolution scans of high-ASA film.

Canon lenses for superior performance
The CanoScan 9900F incorporates the Super Galileo 2 lens. This is actually a telephoto lens which has the capability of a 600mm telephoto lens used by professional photographers. Scanner optics govern output quality as much as resolution or bit depth, and this optical expertise from Canon allows sharp focus and high brightness levels resulting in increased quality. This exceptional resolution is achieved by offsetting the colour Hyper CCD rows @ 1600 dpi to achieve 3200 dpi. This new technology results in increased sensitivity of individual CCD elements by ~15%. This combination of CCD design and optical expertise gives 33% more scan resolution with no deterioration in Sound/Noise ratio. This results in an outstanding level of detail and quality in enlargements.

Super-fast preview
A new hybrid motor supporting high speeds and high resolutions allows for scan previews in just three seconds.

The CanoScan 9900F employs USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and IEEE1394 (FireWire) connection for high-speed data transfer to save you time. The USB connection is also compatible with all of the Windows and Macintosh formats commonly in use.

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