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Repair Information

Please find information regarding the repair process, including the repair form to send in with your product and some helpful FAQ’s

The repair process information below will advise you on what is required to get your product repaired, including a printable form that needs to be included with your product when it is sent in for repair. You can also find FAQ’s to help answer any queries that you may have.

Repair Process

1. My Canon product is not working – What should I do?

Please visit our support website for solutions and advice on your product. You can also refer to the troubleshooting section in your user manual. User manuals can also be found in our support area by selecting your product. Alternatively, you can contact our helpdesk for technical assistance or further advice.

2. My Canon product needs to be repaired – What are the next steps?

Please complete the repair form to send in with your product. Alternatively, please send us a covering letter including your contact and product information as well as a clear description of the problem. Please refer to the repair form to confirm what information is required.

3. Locate your nearest Authorized Service Facility (ASF).

To find out where to send your product, please locate your nearest authorized service facility.
When returning your product, please make sure that your product is securely packaged to help prevent any damage. If your product is still under warranty you will need to send in a copy of your proof of purchase.

4. I have sent my product in for repair with all the necessary documents – What happens now?

An acknowledgement will be sent via post or e-mail to confirm when your product has been received. If the product or documentation does not meet our warranty terms and conditions you will be contacted and advised of our fixed price repair charges or we will provide a full cost estimate.

5. Chargeable Repairs – What happens next?

Your repair will fall under our fixed price repair scheme or we will provide an estimate based on our hourly labour rate and spare parts charges. Please note that a nominal fee may apply if an estimate is requested but is later declined. Estimates may be accepted or declined by contacting the repair facility. Please refer to your repair information for contact details.

Once the repair has been completed you will receive an email, letter or SMS text to explain the delivery or collection process.

Please note that there may be small differences to the repair process depending on your country of residence. For more specific information we would advise you to check the local Canon website support pages for your country of residence.

Canon accepts no liability for any loss or damage that occurs during transit and recommends that you insure the product against any potential loss or damage before you send it. Alternatively you can always take your product to the repair facility in person.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please take the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of our customer service by following the link to our customer repair survey included on your dispatch note. Your opinions are always valued!

Canon is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information supplied by you will be used only for the interaction you had with Canon. Your personal data is held on secure computer and manual files and shall not be processed for any other purposes.

For further details on Canon’s Privacy Policy, please visit the website

Please find a list of FAQ’s that can assist you if your product is in need of a repair.

Repair Service FAQs

Please note this information is only for Consumer Products Repair.

My product has developed a fault shortly after purchase, what are my options?

Canon will only repair your product under the terms and conditions of your warranty; alternatively you should contact your retailer for further assistance.

My product is faulty, what are my options?

Canon provides a parts and labour warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase of your product. You will require proof of purchase to make a claim under your warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer; alternatively please contact your retailer.
Repairs are chargeable outside the manufacturer warranty period; please contact an authorised repair centre for further assistance. Each repair centre will have their own independent repair prices. All repairs are subject to the terms and conditions of your warranty.

If my product is faulty, can it be exchanged under warranty?

Canon will only repair your product under the terms and conditions of your warranty. Please view the warranty terms and conditions page for more information.

How much will the repair cost?

Without a technical examination it is impossible to answer this question, please send your product to an Authorised Service Facility for inspection. Each repair centre will have their own independent repair prices.

Can I hand in my product personally to the Authorised Service Facility?

If you would like to deliver your product yourself, please contact an appropriate Authorised Service Facility directly for their opening times. We generally recommend your product is sent to us by a delivery agent (for example, The Royal Mail).

Can I track the status of my repair on-line?

We are currently running a pilot where you can on-line track the status of repairs that you have sent to the Canon UK RCC.
Note: This is not possible for any other repair facility at this time.

In order to be able to use this service you will need a unique "Canon order number" and “Postcode”. The Canon order number will be provided to you by the RCC upon receipt of your repair. Please access the on-line tool to track the status of your repair.

Who do I contact for a repair status?

Please contact the Authorised Service Facility that you returned your product to for repair.

What service options are available for portable printers (i.e IP80, IP90, iP100 etc)?

If the product is within the warranty period an on site service is available from Cura Technical. However, if you wish to do so, it can be returned to CRC Tasktron Ltd for repair. If the printer is out of warranty the customer has an option of purchasing an on site service, or returning the unit to Electroversal or CRC Tasktron Ltd who will carry out a service estimate.

I have an extended warranty called "MasterCare/ What Ever Happens" how do I obtain service under this scheme?

MasterCare/ What Ever Happens warranties are not issued by Canon. Refer to your retailer for information on contacting MasterCare directly.

How do I obtain an end- user replaceable part for my camera, video, office product – printer, scanner, multifunctional etc?

Photo/Video Products Only

H. Lehmann Limited

247-249 London Road

Tel: 01782 413 611
Fax: 01782 744 579

Photo Products Only

Colchester Camera Repair Services

6 Kings Court
Off Newcomen Way
Severalls Business Park

Tel: 01206 843 322
Fax: 01206 843 323


Office Products Only

CRC (Tasktron Ltd)

Unit 3 Wintonlea
Monument Way West
GU21 5EN

Tel: 01483 776 060
Fax: 01483 721 389


Repair Form

Please print off this form and fill in all the information requested. This will provide us with all of the information we require to investigate the issue with your product, to repair it if required, and to update you on the status of your repair. If you are unable to print the form, please confirm the same information in a letter which you should send to us with your product.

Please print and complete the standard Canon repair form to return with your product