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FAQ ID: 8200943400
Last modified: 15-Nov-10

FAQ: If <Incorrect Size/Setting> Appears


If <Incorrect Size/Setting> appears.

Helpful Information:


The message appears when the paper size specified in <Drawer 1> or <Multi-Purpose Tray> in the <Paper Settings> menu is different from the size of the paper loaded in the paper cassette or multi-purpose tray. If the message appears, perform the following operations.

When printing using the printer driver
  • To ignore the message and proceed to print on paper that is currently set, press [ ] or [ ] to select <Resume>, and then press [OK]. However, images may be printed improperly, for example, part of images may not be printed.

Changing the <Paper Settings> menu according to the size of the loaded paper

Cancel the job, see [ Setting a Paper Size and Type ] and then change <Paper Settings>.

When printing using the printer driver
  • Check that the paper size setting on the computer is also correct.

Loading paper of the size specified in the <Paper Settings> menu

(1) Reload the paper specified in the <Paper Settings> menu.
[ Loading Paper into the Paper Cassette ]
[ Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray ]

(2) Press [ ] or [ ] to select &lt;Resume&gt;, and then press [OK].

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