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FAQ ID: 8200943600
Last modified: 15-Nov-10

FAQ: Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

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Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

Use the multi-purpose tray when you want to copy or print on a paper that is different from what is in the paper cassette.
You can load a single sheet of paper in the multi-purpose tray.

1. Spread the paper guides a little wider than the paper.

2. Gently insert the paper into the multi-purpose tray with the print side face up.
Ensure that the paper stack does not exceed the load limit guides (A).

When loading envelopes
(1) Close the envelope flap.

(2) Loosen any stiff corners of the envelope and flatten curls as shown in the figure.

(3) Gently insert the envelope into the multi-purpose tray with the print side face up.

3. Adjust the paper guides to the paper.

4. Pull out the output tray extension, and then lift the paper stopper.

5. Specify the loaded paper size and type.
[ Setting a Paper Size and Type ]

Paper Loading Orientation

Paper loading orientation when loading in the multi-purpose tray

Precautions When Loading Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

Be careful when handling paper.
  • Handle paper carefully not to cut your hands with the edges of the paper.

Precautions when inserting the paper cassette
  • Be careful not to catch your fingers.

Be sure to align the paper guides with the width of the paper.
  • If the paper guides are too loose or too tight, this may result in misfeeds or paper jams.
  • Printouts may be askew depending on the printing environment. Properly load paper to reduce the symptom.

When printing on envelopes
  • Load envelopes with the front side (non-glued side) facing up. You cannot print on the reverse side of envelopes. Also, be sure to close the flap before loading envelopes.

Detailed information about usable paper
[ Paper Handling ]

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