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PowerShot G10

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PowerShot G10

PowerShot G10

FAQ ID: L00000043
Last modified: 23-Apr-09

FAQ: Lines appearing in images captured with PowerShot G10 cameras.


We have discovered that in rare instances, lines may appear in images captured by some units of the PowerShot G10 digital camera. Accordingly, we would like to convey the details and our service policy concerning this phenomenon.

As shown in the following image, lines may appear in images captured with some PowerShot G10 digital cameras.

L00000043 - Photo L00000043 - Line
Enlarged view of affected area

• This phenomenon does not occur in all images.
• This phenomenon is not caused by the camera settings.
• The length of lines that appear in images differs depending on the subject.
• Images that exhibit this phenomenon cannot be fixed.

Helpful Information:

Affected products:

Products whose 4th and 5th digits from the left indicate the following numbers may be affected. Please check the serial number on the bottom of the camera to see if your camera is affected.

***50*****, ***51*****, ***52*****, ***53*****,

***80*****, ***81*****, ***82*****, ***83*****
L00000043 - Serial number

Among products with the serial numbers described above, if there is a marking on the lens side inside the battery cover like the one in the image below, the issue has already been corrected, and you may continue to use your camera as is with no further action required.

L00000043 - Battery cover markingProducts that have a marking on the lens side inside the battery cover are not affected (indicated by the red circle in the image).
The marking on the LCD monitor side is not related to this phenomenon * (indicated by the blue circle in the image).

* For details about the marking on the LCD monitor side, please click here.



Free repairs will be provided for affected products. If you own an affected product and wish to arrange for service, please click here to find an authorised service facility.

For other inquiries about this issue, you can contact our helpdesk. Please click here for the phone number.

We would like to offer our apologies to customers that have an affected product. Canon will continue to strive to provide our customers with high quality products that they can use with confidence.

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