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FAQ ID: L00000200
Last modified: 26-Sep-13

FAQ: Important announcement regarding EOS-1D X / EOS-1D C [Added 18 June 2013]


Due to inconsistency in the amount of lubrication which has been applied to the driving mechanism, we have identified a phenomenon in which a small number of the affected products listed below, may over time, develop the following symptoms:

  1. AF searches but does not lock in on the subject. 
    (Caused by minute particles produced by wear due to the inconsistent lubrication mentioned above)

  2. The image shown in the viewfinder is “blurry” or “not steady”. 
    (Occurs if wear progresses)

Helpful Information:


Identification Procedure:

  1. EOS-1D X: If the sixth digit from the left of the serial number is “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6” or “7”, the phenomena described above may occur.

  2. EOS-1D C: If the sixth digit from the left of the serial number is “1”, the phenomena described above may occur.

NOTE: If the camera’s battery compartment contains one of the markings illustrated below, the camera is NOT affected by the phenomena described above even if the sixth digit of the serial number is one of the numbers mentioned above.  

Markings of unaffected cameras

A mark                                 

An "A" mark  


black mark  

A black mark on the silver bracket   



If you own one of the potentially affected cameras, you are kindly requested to contact one of our authorised service facilities to arrange a free repair. Please select ‘Pro Camera’ or ‘CPS Products’ to find your nearest authorised service facility and ensure you read the additional information. If your specific country is not listed, please contact your usual local Canon representative.

We offer our sincere apologies to customers who have been inconvenienced by this issue. Canon strives to provide the highest quality products to our customers, and we spare no effort in our quality management to make sure our customers use our products with confidence.

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