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FAQ ID: 44694
Last modified: 02-Sep-10

FAQ: What things should I check if I cannot print the date in prints (for direct printing)?

Helpful Information:


Please check the following things when you cannot print the shooting date in prints.

1. Have you set the camera to add the date to prints?

Refer to the documentation provided with your camera to see if the camera has a feature to print the date on printed images. If your camera has one, check the camera's date print setting to see if it is set to add the date to the prints.

For Canon cameras, please check the following points;

-When using PictBridge

Check if the date setting is set appropriately in the print menu screen.

Select theicon if you want to change the setting.

- When using Canon Direct Print

Check if the date print setting is set appropriately in the print menu screen.

SelectStylein this menu screen if you want to change the setting.

Specify the date print setting in theStylemenu screen.

* The above screen images are examples. The appearance may differ depending on the camera model.

2. Have you selectedMultiplefor the print style?

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