Entry level EOS DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Take your first steps in DSLR photography and enjoy great picture quality, responsive performance and new creative opportunities.
Canon EOS digital SLRs are easy to use and offer unparalleled flexibility, being supported by the extensive EOS System of lenses and accessories.

EOS for Beginners

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The power to be creative

A digital SLR can turn quick snaps into something much more creative. Work with shallow-focus effects to draw attention to you subject, and use combinations of Creative filter effects to make your photography distinctive.


Creative filters

Give your pictures an individual look and feel with Creative filter effects. Choose from Grainy Black & White, Soft Focus, Toy Camera and lots more.

Basic + 

Scene modes & Basic+

Subject-based Scene modes, like Portraits, Sports and Landscape, can be fine-tuned with Basic+ technology. Choose ambience or lighting settings to capture the atmosphere of an occasion.


Scene Intelligent Auto

The right settings, individually selected for you

Canon’s Scene Intelligent Auto mode analyses each scene as it’s being composed and selects the right camera settings for the subject being photographed. Brightness, contrast and colour are all monitored closely, and the presence of movement and faces is detected.

The result is great-looking pictures with a minimum of fuss, leaving you to get on with the important business of being creative.

Scene Intelligent Auto
Ease of use

Easy to use

Straightforward controls are quick and easy to use, so you’ll always be ready to express yourself. Touch screens offer intuitive control over menu functions, and the ability to focus and shoot with a single tap.

Squeeze the shutter release of an EOS camera and it responds at once, capturing the moment with precision timing. A optical viewfinder makes it easy to follow the action, and a sophisticated autofocus system tracks moving objects. And continuous burst shooting means you won’t miss a thing.

An on screen Feature Guide provides descriptions of many of the camera’s functions, as well as advice on how to use them.

EOS Movies and Video Snapshot

Video has never been so easy, or looked so good

The same features that make your EOS great for photos also make it superb for video. Shoot with stunning image quality for movies that look great on your home TV as well as on-line.

Video Snapshot mode captures 2, 4 or 8 sec clips and combines them into a single, high-quality movie file that has the pace of professionally edited footage.

Video Snapshot

Welcome to the EOS System

EOS System

Expand your creative horizons and explore photography with the EOS System of lenses, Speedlite flashes and accessories. Change your lens and change your view, from flexible zooms ideal for travel to specialist optics like macro lenses.

EOS Tutorials for Beginners

Tutorial Banner

If you’re just starting out in the world of Digital SLR photography we have lots of tutorials to help you make the most of your camera. Whether it’s learning about composition or mastering the Mode Dial, we have the advice and inspiration to help you do it.

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