EOS 7D Mark II

Chasing the ultimate
photographic moment

Built for those with a love of speed. Be the first to capture the extraordinary, and grab the moments that other photographers miss. Whether it’s stills or movies, express your creative side like never before.

Story 2 left

Track and focus on fast-moving subjects.

Story 2 right

Express your creativity

Keep pace with the fastest action

Capture the moment you want, no matter how fast the action

Shoot bursts of images at up 10 frames per second, with full autofocus and auto exposure. Responsive handling means you'll capture the split-second moment you are chasing, and a generous buffer lets you keep shooting without a drop in performance.

    DIGIC 6 image processor

    Seize the moment

    The EOS 7D Mark II uses Dual "DIGIC 6" image processors to deliver a responsive performance. Minimal lag time when shooting means you'll capture fleeting moments with precision timing.

    65-point wide-area autofocus

    For pin-sharp focus while you shoot EOS 7D Mark II has 65 focus points track fast moving subjects. Each focus point is a 'cross-type'* meaning it can lock on to both horizontal and vertical detail quickly and accurately. To assist shooting in extreme low light conditions 7D Mark II can focus even under moonlight conditions where light levels can be as low as -3EV.

    * Number of available AF point, cross-type points and Dual Cross-type AF points vary depending on the lens

    DIGIC 6 image processor
    DIGIC 6 image processor

    AF Point Selection

    Use all 65 AF points together, or group them into moveable zones that cover off-centre subjects. Alternatively, select just a single AF point to focus precisely on a specific part of the scene.

    Advanced iTR focusing

    The EOS 7D Mark II's iTR AF focusing system uses colour and face information to recognise and track subjects as they move around the frame. AF responsiveness can be customised using a simple tool which adjusts the focus tracking according to the shooting environment and subject, so that other objects passing momentarily in front of the subject don’t interfere with focusing.

    DIGIC 6 image processor

      Exhibition-quality prints

      From wildlife to motor sports to street photography, a newly designed 20.2 megapixel sensor delivers results you'd be proud to see on the wall. Even in poor lighting the EOS 7D Mark II delivers photos and movie clips that are packed with detail.

      Ice cave in low lighting
      Light sensor

      150,000-pixel metering sensor, with IR detection

      For consistent, accurate exposure metering the EOS 7D Mark II uses a 150,000-pixel sensor to split up the scene into 252 areas. Each one is analysed and the correct exposure settings are either set automatically or recommended to the photographer. Infrared light is measured as well as light in the visible part of the spectrum, for greater accuracy in tricky lighting conditions.

      Superb performance in low-light conditions

      When light levels drop, keep shooting without compromising your creativity. The EOS 7D Mark II delivers superb image quality at ISO sensitivities up to ISO 16,000 (expandable to the equivalent of ISO 51,200) – perfect for discreet street photography, freezing the action in difficult conditions, and even hand-held macro photography.

      Nigh time city and marina shot

      Flicker detection

      Flickering light, such as that produced by fluorescent light bulbs, can cause inconsistent brightness and colour while shooting. The EOS 7D Mark II can detect such conditions and time each shot to coincide with the peak brightness of the flickering light source, for consistent results.


        A camera just for you

        How will you use your EOS 7D Mark II? Set up the shooting controls, the focusing system and a host of other custom controls just the way you like it. Even the camera's 100% viewfinder can be personalised with its real-time electronic display.

        Versatile EOS design

        From the street to the studio, the EOS 7D Mark II performs in every photographic situation. Its speed and precision make it ideal for sport and action, while its low light capabilities and built-in GPS make it a great choice for the travel photographer. The only question is, how will you use yours?

        Camera case diagram

        Weather sealing

        When conditions take a turn for the worse, carry on shooting with confidence. Weather-sealed controls protect the EOS 7D Mark II against water and dust, and magnesium alloy construction adds durability.

        Built-in GPS

        The EOS 7D Mark II can geotag images and movie clips with your exact position wherever you are in the world. Record longitude, latitude, elevation and compass direction as well as coordinated universal time.

        GPS demonstration

        High dynamic range (HDR) mode

        When shooting in high-contrast conditions, HDR shooting helps preserve detail in dark shadows and bright highlights. In quick succession the EOS 7D Mark II captures three images at different exposures and blends them together for a natural-looking result straight from the camera.

        HDR off cityscape HDR on cityscape


        Multi exposure

        Create composite images in-camera by using multiple-exposure mode to layer images on top of each other.

        Dual memory card slots

        Dual memory card slots

        The EOS 7D Mark II has dual memory card slots, enabling automatic back up of files as you shoot, and extended storage capacity.


        Timer shooting functions

        A built-in interval timer allows images to be recorded at pre-programmed periods – a great way to record a slowly changing scene and create time-lapse movies. For extreme long-exposure photography, the EOS 7D Mark II’s shutter can be locked up in bulb mode for a specified time.

        View video

        Advanced film-making features

        Take your movie projects to the next level with industry-standard features. Enjoy shooting Full HD 'slow-mo' sequences at 60fps, and take control of audio with microphone and headphone sockets.

        face painitng Play Video

        Full HD with slow-motion capture

        Advanced video functions include Full HD (1080p) capture at variable frame rates up to 50 or 60fps - ideal for fast moving action or slow-motion footage that looks silky smooth, revealing the subtleties of motion on camera.

        View video

        camera LED display

        High-performance focusing for movies and Live View

        For fast and smooth autofocus tracking whilst shooting movies or when using the Live View, EOS 7D Mark II includes Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. Each pixel features two photo diodes that can be read independently during autofocus or together to capture the image. The speed and sensitivity of focus tracking when shooting movies can be adjusted to allow slow pull-focus transitions.

        HDMI Connector

        Stay connected

        A pure HDMI connection can be used to output Full-HD footage to external recorders, allowing the EOS 7D Mark II to fit seamlessly into professional video-editing workflows. Headphone and microphone sockets let you record a high-quality digital soundtrack, and silent controls allow you change the camera’s settings without producing distracting noise.

        Canon EOS 7D Mark II Companion App

        Canon EOS 7D Mark II Companion App

        Get to know the EOS 7D Mark II inside out. This specially developed companion app for iOS and Android smartphone devices walks you through all of the camera’s features, including in-depth explanations of its advanced AF system. Tutorials and exercises reveal how to get the most from the camera and inspire you to get creative.

         Download Canon 7D Mark II App on itunes
        Download Canon EOS 7D Mark II App for android

        Product Awards

        TIPA 2015

        Best DSLR Expert

        EISA 2015-2016

        EOS 7D Mark II Reviews


        Find out more about the EOS 7D Mark II, its features and what it can do.

        Up to 10 frames per second

        Shoot continuous bursts of images at up to 10 frames per second.

        Digic 6 Dual

        Shoot at high frame rates and enjoy superb colour reproduction.

        150,000 pixel RGB+IR Metering Sensor

        Each scene is dissected and analysed for consistent accurate exposure metering.

        Cross-type max 65 point AF

        Focus on subjects wherever they are, with 65 cross-type AF points spread across the frame.

        EOS movie full HD

        Capture movies at up to 1080p resolution and 60fps frame rate. Mic and headphone sockets for full audio control.

        CF + SD Dual Card Slots

        Dual memory cards slots enable automatic back up as you shoot, or extended storage capacity.

        20.2 mega pixels CMOS

        Produce great quality photos that are packed with fine detail.

        Dual Pixel AF CMOS

        Enjoy smooth continuous focusing when shooting movies and photos in Live View mode.


        Geotag each photo and movie you shoot with your current location – great for travel photographers.

        View full specification

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