Professional EOS DSLR Cameras

For those who demand the very highest standards in image quality, performance and reliability – whatever the conditions demand.
Canon EOS digital SLRs are used the world over by professional photographers shooting everything from fashion to weddings to sport and much more.

EOS for Professionals


High performance AF systems

Sophisticated AF systems find focus quickly accurately and quietly, even in poor lighting conditions and with maximum lens apertures as small as f/8. Moving objects are tracked as they move around the frame and autofocus points can be grouped together, used individually or all at once – changing orientation as the camera is moved between vertical and horizontal positions.


Take a wider view

Enjoy the full-frame advantage with CMOS sensors that are the same size as 35mm film. Wide angle lenses can be used to their true potential and photographers can enjoy precise control over depth of field for superb shallow-focus effects and soft backgrounds. Full-frame technology gives Canon DSLRs extraordinary image quality in low-light conditions, with minimal noise and stunning clarity.

Built to last

From war zone to touchline, professional EOS cameras deliver reliable performance time after time

Professional Canon EOS DSLRs are designed to keep shooting in the harshest of conditions, delivering reliable performance you can count on. Weather resistant seals protect against dust and moisture, and magnesium-alloy construction provides strength while remaining lightweight.


What does ergonomic mean to you?

Customise the behaviour of your EOS DSLR for a specific assignment or location, or simply to suit to the way you like to work. Autofocus behaviour can be adjusted according to how a subject is moving around the frame, and multifunction buttons can be programmed to perform convenient tasks while the camera is raised to your eye.

EOS Movies

EOS Movies

Professional high-definition movie capture

With the EOS 5D Mark II, Canon revolutionised the way that professional video is shot. The current generation of professional EOS cameras carry on this tradition with superlative image quality and low-light performance. Industry-standard features ensure that footage fits seamlessly into non-linear editing workflows.

EOS System

EOS System

EOS photography is about more than just cameras: the EOS System is a collection of lenses, flashes, accessories and software that’s trusted by professional photographers all over the world.

Canon Professional Network

Canon Professional Network

The Canon Professional Network (CPN) is the essential source of news stories, product updates and multimedia content for Canon professionals. The CPN website provides inspiration, information, education and motivation for professional photographers, videographers and advanced enthusiasts.