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Canon EOS 300
Film SLR Camera

Archived Product

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EOS 300

The EOS 300 sets a new global standard for AF SLR cameras. Light, compact and versatile, it includes many advanced features at an affordable price. It’s the best in the range for those starting out.


  • Wide-area seven-point AF
  • Silent film transport
  • Mid-roll rewind available
  • Auto exposure bracketing
  • Focusing points selected automatically or manually
  • AF in-focus beeper can be switched off
The EOS 300, a sophisticated SLR camera which offers up to seven autofocusing points

Many innovative and advanced features are found in the ultra-light and compact EOS 300, which were previously only available at the top of the EOS range.

Perfect focus
The most remarkable feature is the world-first seven-point autofocus system, giving the user unmatched versatility. The seven points are placed both vertically and horizontally across the viewfinder. This enables the camera to recognize the subject's position in the picture frame and allow the user to capture a composition in perfect focus. Canon’s AIM system (advanced integrated multipoint) links the Eos 300’s seven focusing points with exposure functions for superior quality exposures on every picture.

A range of metering modes
The EOS 300 offers a range of metering modes, including both evaluative and partial metering. The newly developed 35-Zone Evaluative Metering system analyzes where to concentrate on meter readings according to the active focusing point. It enables absolute exposure control even in harshest lighting conditions.

Depth-of-field preview allows you to see through the lens exactly what will appear sharp and what will be blurred within a picture, depending on the selected aperture value. The EOS 300 command dial offers a range of PIC and creative modes , making this versatile camera the perfect choice for both the interested and serious photographer.

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