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Canon (UK) Ltd is perceived by many charitable organisations to be a major, successful company with a willingness and ability to support worthy causes or events in the community within which it operates - and indeed it is.

Canon's CARE Programme

The Canon CARE Scheme
The Canon CARE scheme was established in 1990 when its founding members identified the fact that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) would continue to be an important topic and feature highly on business agendas into the future.  The company’s motivation and dedication in this area has encouraged new CARE Committee members to continue driving initiatives forward and the scheme is still driven by a team which meets regularly throughout the year.

In the course of an average week, the company receives around 50 requests from charitable or community organisations asking for cash donations, products to assist with fundraising events and print requests.  These desires are submitted by humanitarian charities for the disadvantaged or ill, organisations and individuals working in the field of education, employment/business enterprise developments, the arts, environmental programmes and many more.

Canon identified the need to have a clear set of guidelines and established a working Committee to oversee all its charitable donations and activities.

The CARE scheme looks to support charitable and community projects or initiatives in the following five areas:

Business & Community is aimed at building relationships with local businesses and organisations thus encouraging job creation and community interaction.

Education - directed to supporting schools, colleges, and extra curricular activity.

Arts & Culture - benefits creative initiatives and programmes which encourage community interest and participation.

Humanitarian - designed to provide assistance and support to a variety of health related causes.

Environment - aimed at supporting community and environmental organisations to assist with improving the environment in which we all live and operate.

CARE Committee 
Canon has a charity/sponsorship review committee known as CARE (Canon Action Review Enterprise) made up of key employees within the organisation. Before submitting a request to the committee, please ensure you read our Request for CARE Support Guidelines.  All charitable requests should be sent  to Canon UK Ltd, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8BF marked 'Charity Request' or they can be e-mailed to:

Canon regrets that, due to the very large number of enquiries received on a weekly basis, we are not always able to respond personally to all requests.  If your enquiry is successful, you will be contacted within 14 days of receipt of your application with details of the help that we are able to offer.



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