Canon CARE Scheme - Request for Support Guidelines

The Canon CARE Committee will consider charitable and community project requests which are formally submitted and will consider all requests that meet the following criteria:

  • Requests must clearly identify which of the five CARE Scheme areas the request falls within, precisely what support is requested and how any CARE support will directly benefit the charity or community project.
  • Requests must be submitted by post on original charity letterhead (no photocopies) which clearly states the Registered Charity number or on official community project letterhead (no photocopies).
  • The charity must be a UK and Ireland registered charity operating and conducting its business in the UK and Ireland. The community project must be for the benefit of a community within the UK and Ireland
  • A successful applicant that receives support from the CARE Scheme, may not re-apply for further support within 12 months of receipt of the original support.

As part of a global organisation, it is Canon UK's corporate policy that we do not support the following:

  • Charities operating and conducting their business outside the UK and Ireland
  • Charities connected with animal welfare
  • Any charities or community projects with religious associations
  • Any charities or community projects with political connotations or warfare connections
  • Third parties (individuals, teams or organisations) who are organising their own fundraising activities on behalf of a charity or community project - Canon prefers to support the charity directly


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