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Local Sponsorship in Canon UK & Ireland

Sponsorship activities undertaken on a ‘local’ level are carefully selected and developed in line with our brand values, our European corporate objectives and the principles of Kyosei - our global philosophy of ‘living and working together for the common good’. Increasing our corporate profile and contributing to the communities in which we operate are both important factors when committing to any local sponsorship.

Applying for Sponsorship 
When considering the many sponsorship proposals that Canon UK & Ireland receives on a weekly basis, we use the following criteria to help us make a decision as to whether or not we as a company are in a position to enter into a partnership.

· It is our company policy that we do not sponsor individuals or teams
· The event/activity must take place within the UK and Ireland
· The event/activity cannot have any religious associations
· The event/activity must not have any political connections or be
  associated with warfare of any kind
· Any event/activity we consider must support the company’s
  environmental objectives

If your event or activity fits the criteria listed and you would like your proposal to be considered for sponsorship by Canon UK & Ireland, please send an e-mail to giving full details, timings, any associated costs and the benefits to Canon as a sponsor.  Alternatively, please send full details to the Corporate Communications Department by post to Canon UK Ltd, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey RH2 8BF.

Please be aware that the majority of our sponsorship strategy is fulfilled by our on-going partnerships (London Fashion Week, WWF etc) and that budgets for additional opportunities are very limited.

Canon regrets that, due to the very high number of enquiries received, we are not always able to respond personally to all requests.  If your proposal is successful, you will be contacted within 14 days of receipt of your application.

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