Canon Europe inspires visitors at FESPA 2013 with full graphic arts wide format line-up

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 26 June 2013 – Canon is delivering new industry insights, creative applications, expert advice and exciting technology at FESPA 2013 to inspire customers to take their wide format businesses to a new level. As well as introducing the new Océ Arizona® 600 Series and Océ ColorWave 900® – which are focal points on the stand – Canon will be demonstrating how these new innovations can meet print buyers demands in this fast-growing marketplace.

Stands H5S, FESPA 2013, London ExCeL Exhibition Centre, 25 – 29 June 2013


FESPA 2013 is the inaugural appearance of Canon Europe at a FESPA event and is also the first time the company has showcased its entire graphic arts wide format product portfolio since the acquisition of Océ. Canon Europe aims to provide the insight, inspiration and innovation to help Print Service Providers (PSPs) realise new, and profitable, wide format opportunities.

As an addendum to Canon’s ‘Bigger Picture’ insight report, entitled ‘Your customers’ view on the value of print’, additional research has been conducted which looks specifically at the feedback of 30 print buyers commissioning wide format output. This research reveals a need for PSPs to offer quicker response times, demonstrate their capabilities and, perhaps most importantly, to communicate more effectively with their customers. 53% of respondents said that PSPs only contact them ‘occasionally’, while 30% said they are never proactively contacted by their print providers. Additionally, when asked how they would determine the credibility of a potential print provider, more than 50% of respondents cited seeing physical samples of work as being important.

Feedback also highlights that a desire to print on a more diverse range of substrates is on the increase – with 97% of respondents saying they have commissioned work on surfaces other than paper and card. Specific substrates mentioned by respondents included glass, metals and wood.

“This feedback has told us that print buyers’ expectations of PSPs are changing,” says Bart Geraads, European PPG Director, Technical Document Systems (TDS) & Display Graphic Systems (DGS). “This is the very reason we commission industry research. In order to help PSPs grow their business in a sustainable way, it is important that we help them understand the challenges their customers are facing and what their current and future needs are. Similarly with those PSPs who may be branching out into the wide format arena for the first time, they need to start from an informed base and this industry insight is invaluable in this respect.”

Applications address creativity and opportunities to add value
Canon aims to respond to this fresh industry insight at FESPA 2013 by showcasing a range of applications and customer case studies that demonstrate how other PSPs are already using Canon technology to their advantage. Ranging from efficient and cost-effective printing to more specialist projects, which can add value and generate higher margins, the applications on display include kitchen splash backs using a pre-primed glass substrate and quick-change point-of-sale graphics on magnetic materials.

The company is demonstrating the breadth of its image capture to output offering with high quality photographic pieces – printed on a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400 – displayed on FESPA’s Print Inspiration Runway. It is also incorporating the world’s largest panoramic image as part of its stand design. The photograph shows a full 360 degree view of London, taken using multiple Canon EOS 7D cameras. If printed at normal photographic resolution, this incredibly detailed panorama would be 98 metres across and 24 metres tall – almost as big as Buckingham Palace.

New technologies to meet market challenges
Appealing to PSPs looking to achieve either higher production print speeds from a UV flatbed printer, or cater for more specialist applications with the use of varnish or white ink, the new Océ Arizona 600 Series can be configured to suit specific PSP needs with up to six independent ink channels. Each of the four models in this range are underpinned by the award-winning Océ VariaDot® imaging technology for superior image quality, along with several new features to offer greater application versatility and production efficiencies¹.

The new Océ ColorWave 900 – designed for the graphic arts, construction, CAD and GIS markets – takes high-speed production printing to a new level with speeds of up to 15 times faster than other inkjet systems available. This new machine is ideal for a vast range of applications such as point-of-sale and technical drawings².

Canon Europe is also introducing visitors to new UV curable inks – demonstrated on the Océ Arizona 480 XT – which offer superior adhesion on a broad range of media, excellent print quality and a uniform matt finish.

“Canon Europe’s first time at FESPA is exciting for all involved as it is a perfect platform to demonstrate the increased strengths of the new Canon Wide Format Group and present our full line-up of graphic arts wide format technologies. As well as benefitting customers, this will also play a part in helping to achieve our goal of becoming the number one supplier in the printing industry,” adds Geraads.

“FESPA 2013 offers us an opportunity to talk directly to PSPs about how their businesses can thrive. We can give them the capability to produce a diverse range of wide format applications, the technology to cost-effectively deliver the perfect balance of quality and performance, the flexibility to produce output on an unsurpassed range of media and customised services to support them in achieving their business objectives. There really are no limits to how creative PSPs can be and that is what we intend to inspire in them during the show.”

¹ For further details of the Océ Arizona 600 Series, please see Canon press release entitled “Canon launches new series of Océ Arizona® UV flatbed printers at FESPA 2013” and dated 18 June 2013.
² For further details of the Océ ColorWave 900, please see press release entitled “Canon launches super-fast Océ ColorWave 900® wide format printer at FESPA 2013” and dated 26 June 2013
The Canon products and solutions being demonstrated on the Canon stand will include the Océ ColorWave 900, Océ Arizona 660GT, Océ Arizona 480XT, ProCut, Océ ColorWave 650PP, Océ CS9360, Canon imagePROGRAF 9400S, imagePROGRAF 6450, ERPA packaging software (partner product) and Onyx Thrive (workflow software product).

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