Canon urges businesses to tone up admin systems to avoid plummeting productivity

London, November 29th, 2007 – Canon UK, world-leader in digital imaging technology, today warned that nearly half (43%) of UK office workers* are wasting between one and two hours a day on unnecessary document-related admin such as searching for files on the company network and collating documentation, such as reports and packs, for meetings using different software packages (i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.). The average UK worker wastes 1.28 hours per day, which based on an average office size of 50 workers equates to 64 hours a day and a staggering 14,720 hours a year – 1,963 days and 393 working weeks**.

  • 43% of UK office workers are wasting up to 2 hours a day on unnecessary admin due to ineffective document management systems and procedures, with 1 in 10 admitting to spending up to 3 hours
  • Average office of 50 employees wastes 393 working weeks a year due to bad admin systems and practices
  • Canon launches solutions-based Exercise campaign that promises ‘all gain, no pain’ and improved business efficiency  

These figures show that bad admin practices are adversely affecting company efficiency, which in turn damages the business’ bottom line but perhaps more importantly worker satisfaction and motivation. Indeed, when questioned on what employees would spend the wasted time on, the resounding response was leaving the office on time (39%) followed by more time for personal development (27%) and taking a proper lunch break (16%). An example of how bad admin systems can affect staff morale is shown by the fact that a third of people have lost out on expenses being paid on time due to admin inefficiencies.
Canon believes that the problem of admin inefficiency is caused by either the lack of effective administration and document management solutions or not using existing multifunctional printer (MFP) technology to its full potential. To address the problem Canon has devised an Exercise campaign to encourage businesses to try three ‘workouts’, which if followed will lead to fitter, stronger administration and document management systems and will free up time for workers to spend on value-adding business activity.   The Exercise Campaign, which boasts an ‘all gain, no pain’ approach, consists of: 

  • Workout 1: Feel fitter: make repetitive tasks easier and less frustrating by pre-programming them into a single button touch on the MFP
  • Workout 2: Be faster: spend less time searching for information such as clippings, correspondence, articles and even hand-written notes
  • Workout 3: Look better: generate better quality documents – such as booklets – more easily cutting out the need for collation by hand  

At the heart of the Exercise campaign is Canon’s recently launched iW360 software for MFPs, which has been designed to streamline the way that office workers capture, manage and print documents, including electronic document filing, publishing and distribution tools.  The iW360 package was created to help eliminate day-to-day printing frustrations and comprises an integrated suite of powerful software solutions that enable users to work with a selection of scanned images, electronic documents, web pages, charts and presentations.
Commenting on the launch of the Exercise campaign, Tracey Fielden, Head of Office Marketing, Canon UK said: “Productivity levels in UK offices are being significantly affected by unnecessary admin processes and these results show that companies are haemorrhaging an incredible amount of valuable time on tasks that can be easily avoided, or improved. Through our Exercise campaign, we are working closely with customers to help them improve productivity and reduce workplace frustrations using intelligent software solutions combined with MFPs. The time saved from adopting this ‘all gain, no pain’ approach will have a positive impact on staff morale as well as the company’s profitability.” 
Canon’s Exercise educational programme is part of the company’s award winning Small Steps campaign, which launched last year and mirrors the process of getting fit in real life by focusing on four key steps – diet, exercise, coaching and results. The Small Steps website ( looks at cost savings and improved business efficiency but also solutions that help protect the environment through the use of solutions such as secure release printing, personal mailboxes and double-side printing.
 *Survey questioned over 1000 UK office workers.
 **Based on 7.5 hour working day and average of 230 working days in the year (taking into account bank holidays and average worker holiday entitlement).


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