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Preparing your work environment for ‘The New Normal’

Luigi Kohli
Luigi Kohli

Services Strategy & Business Development Director, Canon Europe

Our lives have been turned upside down in recent months with remote working and offices being closed. But now our lives, lifestyles and working environments have to adapt and change to ‘The New Normal’. We need to think about creating social distancing signage to direct employees, and update and clean our printers after many months of being unused. This doesn’t have to be a chore with our helpful hints and tips.

Preparing your office equipment

Over the past few months, most office printing equipment has been switched off, and when these are powered back on this could cause some issues. Below are some practical tips to look after your device or fleet moving forward.
1. Reconnect uniFLOW Online
If you use uniFLOW online as part of your printing equipment and it has not been connected to uniFLOW Online for a long time, the link may need to be reactivated. Click here for our uniflow user manual that explains what to do.
2. Check for Paper Jams
Paper is a natural product and as such it is sensitive to fluctuations in air humidity. Especially when the central heating is switched off and on, paper can become humid more often in the machine which may result in paper jams.  If you’re not going to use the equipment for an extended period, we recommend taking the paper out of the printer and storing it in a paper wrapper or box.  However, if your printer does experience paper jam issues, you can follow the steps:
  • Remove all paper from the printer.
  • Take a new ream of paper that has acclimatized.
  • Remove the paper from the wrapper or box and loosen the paper.
  • Remove the first and last sheets.
  • Load the paper into the printer with the arrow on the wrapper / box pointing to the side of the paper to be printed first. 
3. Clean your printing equipment
In the current situation, many customers have been asking us for best practice advice with regards to cleaning the common-touch areas of devices. Like washing hands, cleaning printers should be a regular occurrence, however, care must be taken to avoid any damage.  Here’s our tips for cleaning and disinfecting your Canon printer or scanner;
  • Turn the device off and unplug it from the power source (remove battery for mobile printers) before cleaning. Wait until surfaces are dry before powering the device back on
  • Use a soft cloth with an alcohol based clearer (70% to 80% diluted ethanol or isopropyl) for disinfection. 
  • Wipe all parts touched with hands, such as the operation panel and buttons, touch screen, scanner cover, platen glass, and handles.
  • Never spray alcohol or other disinfectants directly onto the device. Instead, spray the cleaning agent onto a lint-free or microfiber cloth and then wipe the exterior surfaces
  • Use glass cleaner only on the platen glass surface, then wipe with a lint-free cloth
  • Do not use cleaners which contain harsh solvents, such as paint thinners or benzene to clean Canon printers or scanners

Social Distancing Signage

Every company is now entering a “new normal” way of life. To help employees follow Government advice on hygiene and social distancing, new rules are becoming mandatory across organisations. Bright signage can help remind and direct employees around offices and warehouse.
Our exclusive and free PosterArtist* software helps Canon users to easily produce high-quality posters, without the need of expensive artworking software, from A4 size flyers to large-size banners. The software includes new social distancing signage & poster templates, clipart and word art assets to support businesses in communicating the ‘new normal’.  To support our customers, the software is now useable with a huge number of our printers – see the compatible list below.
Find out more about our PosterArtist software and what it has to offer here.

Social distancing clipart used in PosterArtist software
Example of free clipart available in PosterArtist software

Our service organisation is still there for you

Our Service Organisation are used to being out on the road, meeting with and attending to our customers, but recently the differences couldn't be starker.

Over the past few months our 1st line Contact Centre support has quickly and effectively transitioned to remote working and managed usual service levels during the pandemic’s European peak. Our service community were out on the empty roads, masks in place, heading to the buildings of essential services to support them. Whilst these services have been trying to keep us all safe, healthy, and connected, our service community have been active and on hand to ensure their machines were in good repair and operating optimally. Where customers have not felt comfortable having an engineer on their premises, we have been able to talk through or email the customer steps to still help get their device back online too.

Photos of canon service engineers
Service engineers from Middle East, Switzerland and Russia

Now we are returning to ‘The New Normal’ our service community will continue to support you during this time of change. Be assured that our engineers are taking all precautionary measures to stay safe, but we are proud to be supporting our customers and communities with keeping their services running. Helping others is in our brand DNA ‘kyosei’ where we live and work together for the common good.

* Compatible products for PosterArtist; 

a. iSENSYS: LBP852CX/LBP654CX/LBP653Cdw/LBP664CX/LBP663Cdw/LBP623Cdw/ LBP712CX/LBP710CX

b. imageRUNNER ADVANCE: C7500 series/C5500 series/C3500 series/C475/C356i/C356P/C256

c. imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX: C7700 series/C5700 series/C3700 series/C477/C357i/C357P/C257

d. imagePRESS: C165/C910**/C810**/C710**/C10000VP***/C8000VP***

i. ** EFI controller and Canon PDL (PRISMAsync support coming soon)

ii. *** EFI controller only (PRISMAsync support coming soon)

Posterartist visual


Free software for easy poster design and creation with your canon printer