New product: Big value compact pan-tilt-zoom

For a compact and versatile single-CMOS camera system, look no further than Canon’s new XU-80 remote control HD pan-tilt-zoom camera head. With a more than affordable price tag, this compact and versatile indoor/outdoor camera system is ideal for a vast range of applications from outdoor event broadcasting to traffic monitoring to video conferencing.

High quality HD images

The new Canon XU-80 has a single 1⁄3 inch CMOS imaging sensor with 2.1 Megapixels. Through its Canon 20x HD zoom, it captures superb, high quality images in full-HDTV format.

Built for broadcasting

The Canon XU-80 utilizes broadcast market standard (HD-SDI) output to relay quality images from a distance of up to 100 metres. With its single pre-set button option, the camera can pan and tilt while simultaneously zooming to give on-air movements comparable to manually operated cameras.

Outdoors or indoors

With an IP55 enclosure rating, the camera can be installed in challenging locations and is not affected by environmental conditions. A smooth, fast and precise movement is integral to this camera. In Normal Mode, it has a noise rating of NC<30, ideal for quiet indoor environments. 

Cost-effective and compact

Canon’s XU-80 weighs just 14.5 lbs (6.6Kg). With its handle (included), setup is almost effortless.  The camera follows in the footsteps of its successful brothers, the BU-46H (outdoor) and BU-51H (indoor) PTZ camera systems. As a ‘smaller brother’, it is optimized for both environments whilst providing economies of scale and incorporating the same control protocols.

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