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The new opportunity in transactional marketing

Rising customer acquisition costs, digital overload, growing demand for personalisation and customer focus shift have all coincided to create a ‘perfect storm’ in which transactional marketing offers an ideal solution. Find out more about the transactional opportunity.

09 Aug 2019
The automation dilemma ARTICLES

The automation dilemma

Why are so few Print Service Providers (PSPs) automated?

08 Jul 2019
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Manage inventory with book lifecycle management

Think Books Business Model Guide #1: Book Lifecycle Management. Find out about the exciting opportunities digital print presents for book printers.

22 Jul 2019
Personalised Elemental direct mail ARTICLES

Personalised Elemental direct mail

Printed direct mail has an increasingly positive emotional impact on consumers - and now it can be integrated with digital campaigns. Here's how to do it well.

22 Jul 2019
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How print-on-demand could transform your business

Think Books Business Model Guides #2: On-Demand. Find out about the exciting opportunities that on-demand printing presents for book printers.

22 Jul 2019
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How to seize the short-run opportunity

Think Books Business Model Guides #3: Short-Run. Discover the exciting opportunities short-run printing presents for your business.

22 Jul 2019
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How to prove print’s ROI in the marketing mix

Discover how you can use digital technologies to measure the impact of your print campaigns and provide insight on how to fine tune them.

22 Jul 2019
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Rain or shine: Grow your business with Water Resistant Media

Create waterproof outdoor graphics without lamination

04 Jun 2019
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Collaborative innovation fuels growth

How digital technology and collaborative innovation help accelerate ROI.

16 Jul 2019
President of Ingenidoc talking about applications of Océ VarioPrint i300 CASE STUDIES

Ingenidoc Boosts Speeds and Productivity With Digital Inkjet

With the Océ VarioPrint i300, Ingenidoc more than doubled their production speed for books and leaflets, enabling them to reduce turnaround times.

16 Jul 2019
Future Book Forum 2019 Article

Join us at Canon Future Promotion Forum 2019

The Canon Future Promotion Forum 2019 provides an innovative platform for industry experts to share insights, inspiration and experience on how to boost customer engagement.

17 Jul 2019
Future Book Forum 2019 Article

Join us at Canon Production Printing Business Days 2019

The place to be if you are a print service provider looking to see real end-to-end digital printing solutions that drive future-proof business models.

17 Jul 2019
Fujitsu Managed Print Service Case Study CASE STUDIES

Fujitsu Managed Print Service Case Study

Transforming print with Canon managed print services.

10 Jun 2019
fife-case-study ARTICLE

Simplify, Standardise, Share

Norfolk County Council have saved over £3.8m over 5 years

07 Dec 2018
fife-case-study ARTICLE

A Strategic digital partnership

Fife Council has worked with Canon for over a decade to achieve significant efficiencies in their print and document management strategy.

07 Dec 2018


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