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Materialise Magics 3D printing software

With the growth of 3D printing technology and the importance of delivering high quality parts, the role of data preparation software has become increasingly vital.

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Import nearly all formats

With Materialise Magics21, you can import an impressive number of file formats, including colour and texture information, as well as staying in control of your original data.

Repair and prepare files

The STL file editor software in Magics21 allows you to correct problems, as well as create watertight data and shortcuts to suit your 3D printing workflow, all in a user-friendly interface. STL file repair includes fixing of flipped triangles, bad edges, holes and other defects.

Enhance and edit data

You can take your designs to the next level: add logos, serial numbers and hollow parts; apply textures and create lattice structures.

Prepare the platform

Giving you the tools you need to duplicate parts, orient them in an ideal way, efficiently nest your parts and create no-build zones.

Print better parts

Materialise Magics21 ensures you print only the best parts. It allows you to view slices, detect collisions, save platforms, and generate useful reports.

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Worldwide User Base

From the world's most advanced service bureaus to architects and consumer electronics companies, Materialise Magics21 delivers a clear competitive advantage.

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