Rivertrace Engineering 3D Printing Case Study

Rivertrace Engineering 3D Printing Case Study

Rivertrace Engineering is a company that specialises in oil and water monitoring instrumentation for the marine and industrial sectors. They had a challenge of getting products to market quickly to meet growing customer demand. 3D Printing provided a solution to this challenge by enabling the delivery of rapid, cost effective and productive R&D models. Parts can now be instantly tested in a product and quickly perfected into the final proof of concept.

With less reliance on third party suppliers, Rivertrace are able to cut total R&D costs and deliver products to market faster. Overall, the company has experienced a company-wide increase in efficiency of at least 20-25%.

"Canon’s 3D printing solution has transformed our R&D. We no longer have to wait weeks for parts and now we can get to the Proof of Concept in one day and send it to the toolmaker. The impact on time, cost and efficiency is monumental, while at the same time allowing us to become a much more sustainable business because of it."

Mike Coomber, Owner - RiverTrace Engineering

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Rivertrace Engineering 3D Printing Case Study

Rivertrace Engineering's Story

Read how Rivertrace Engineering has transformed their R&D with 3D printing

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