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Attentively listen to your customer using listening blocks techniques

Listening techniques to improve sales conversations

Please download the guide linked to this article which has been prepared for you by Jo Lloyd, a leading independent business and training consultant, as part of a series of self-help documents designed to help you with business development.

For the most part, sales people are familiar with the concept of listening blocks. Some people have favoured techniques that become their ‘go to’, however, this guide seeks to go beyond your comfort zone and to make you aware of other techniques and when to use them.

It is important to use the right technique in the right conversation. Having a few listening blocks will enable you to call on the right technique at the right time.

The techniques covered in this guide look at ‘Rehearsing’, ‘Advising’ and ‘Derailing’ to name but a few. The goal of the techniques is for you to be more attentive in your discussions. It is important to understand customer concerns and where their source. By truly listening you could uncover a challenge that you haven’t discussed before for which you could have the right solution.

Jo is a founding mentor within the Canon Ascent Programme, with an excellent reputation established over many years, helping Canon customers across EMEA to define and achieve their business development ambitions.

Jo Lloyd (Mentor)
Managing Director, Cotmandene Training and Development Ltd

Invaluable experience in sales and management and behavioural training within the print industry.


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