Identifying the Ideal Customer

How to target marketing spend at the right audience

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From marketing planning to action

Transforming marketing plans into effective results

Please view or download the short guide linked to this article which has been prepared for you by Jacky Hobson, a leading independent marketing practitioner and consultant, as part of series of self-help documents designed to help you most effectively market your products and services to deliver optimal results.

In this guide Jacky outlines the importance of focusing your marketing efforts in ways which will deliver the best return on your investment. The importance of not trying to be ‘all things to all people’ is emphasised and guidance is provided to help you find your unique selling point (USP) or specialism. She helps you reflect on what makes you and your organisation special and what will help you differentiate from your competition.

Having established your strengths, Jacky then helps you to define and approach your specialist audience, without turning away other work which can still be important for your business. She stresses the importance of adopting the language of your intended market, avoiding the use of print industry jargon if your contacts are not specialist ‘print buyers’.

Finally, the guide encourages you to consider how to manage the natural peaks and troughs in demand which many print businesses face, and which could also influence those potential customers you wish to target in the future.

The guide includes a short animated movie to help you better understand and remember many of these key points.

Jacky is a founding mentor within the Canon Ascent Programme, with an excellent reputation established over many years, helping Canon customers across EMEA to define and achieve their marketing ambitions.

Jacky Hobson (Mentor)
Director, Up Marketing

30 years of marketing experience, developing marketing strategies, plans and tactics to support clients' business plans.

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