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How to put your marketing strategy and plans into action

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From marketing planning to action

Transforming marketing plans into effective results

Please view or download the short guide linked to this article which has been prepared for you by Jacky Hobson, a leading independent marketing practitioner and consultant, as part of series of self-help documents designed to help you develop and deliver a complete marketing strategy for your business or division.

In this guide Jacky walks you through the steps after you have created your plan and assumes you are now ready to put it into action. She explains the purpose and value of marketing campaigns, defining your target audience, channel selection and the importance of adopting a consistent look and feel across all communications.

Content development and the capability to re-purpose across multiple channels in an integrated manner is covered, in addition to managing marketing budgets and measuring results.

At a tactical level the importance of using print in marketing communications is addressed and a portfolio of marketing tools are defined with the benefits of each outlined.

This is a guide of value to any print service provider who has marketing ambition and intent but is potentially a little unsure how to take the next positive steps.

As Jacky references in the guide ‘It’s always better to do something than nothing’ and at this time we encourage you to view or download the guide for yourself to discover more.

Jacky is a founding mentor within the Canon Ascent Programme, with an excellent reputation established over many years, helping Canon customers across EMEA to define and achieve their marketing ambitions.

Jacky Hobson (Mentor)
Director, Up Marketing

30 years of marketing experience, developing marketing strategies, plans and tactics to support clients' business plans.

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