CRDs Planning for the future

Outsourcing threats, increasing volumes, environmental issues, tight deadlines, quality pressures, charge-back processes, decreasing budgets, resource issues and the introduction of new technologies are all concerns of today's in-plant operations

To survive in today’s in-plant environment, you need to constantly look for new opportunities and better ways to improve your business operations.
The sessions are run by credible business experts and external industry consultants.

Why attend?
Managing your service is a demanding role requiring a commercially driven business discipline typified by the best of today’s proactive service industry sector.
If you are striving to improve your bottom line financial results, gain more customers and provide a service of value to the community, then this seminar will benefit you.

Who is it for?
This seminar will help facilities managers and financial managers improve efficiency and minimise costs of their production operations.

What will you learn?

• How to identify new revenue streams
• Construct a Marketing Campaign Plan
• Develop a Post Implementation Review process.
• Improve communication skills
• Reinforce the value of Customer Relationship Management

Workshop Content

Insight into Research Findings
Canon recently commissioned the most comprehensive insight into corporate reprographic departments ever produced.
• Provides an insight into the CRD market and the key issues and operational challenges CRDs face
• Inspires customers about future opportunities and plan strategies to maximise the efficiency of a CRD

The Business Case for Change  - Enhancing Productivity
Process & workflow optimisation
Controlling & managing print costs

Success & Improvement Planning 
Managing & maintaining your companies brand
Why colour management is important?
Can technology led solutions can help
Quality of output

The 4 phases of improvement planning
Workflow / Strategies / Tactics / Key dependencies

Marketing & Sales Review
How South Lanarkshire Council embarked on “mission impossible”!
How they promote & showcase the Print Room
Tips on internal Marketing & sales skills
How they developed & offered new services to client

Workshop details

This workshop offer insight and advice in a non-sale, networking environment. You will be able to gather insight from independent consultants and like-minded people within the Print Room industry.
You will learn how to identify new revenue streams, construct a Marketing Campaign Plan and develop a Post Implementation Review process. It will also help improve communication skills and reinforce the value of Customer Relationship Management.

For more information please speak to your Account Manager

Workshop guide:

CRDs - Planning for the Future [PDF, 2.3 MB]
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