Digital Photo Professional – After the Shot

Digital Photo Professional is a piece of software that comes in the box of all EOS Cameras, and PowerShot models that shoot RAW, full of features to help you organise, edit and process images on a Mac or PC.

What do the different image formats mean?

Digital Photo Professional can work with 3 types of images – RAW, TIFF and JPEG. You can view and edit all three of these image types and export as JPEG’s or TIFF’s.

• A RAW file is an uncompressed image that contains all the information that was recorded by the cameras sensor and is the most flexible format to work with.
• A TIFF file is a high-resolution format that contains all of the uncompressed image data and is ideal for printing.
• A JPEG image is a compressed image format, lower in file size than a RAW or a TIFF file and whilst it is possible to edit a JPEG image, the level of adjustment if less than a RAW file.

Colour/Image Correction

RAW is the most flexible format to work with when editing, and the added bonus of being able to change the camera settings when the photo was taken.

With DPP you can adjust the brightness, white balance, colour saturation and colour tone to get the perfect picture. As any adjustment is applied alongside the original image data, you can go back to the settings when shot at any time to start again.


Mono Conversion

Digital Photo Professional makes it easy to convert a RAW image into monochrome.

When viewing the image in Digital Photo Professional, you can select ‘Monochrome’ from the drop down box that appears under the Picture Style option.

Editing can now be continued with the image and the sliders that were previously Colour Tone and Colour Saturation change to Filter Effects and Toning Effects to fine tune the look of the final image.



Digital Photo Professional is really useful at removing blemishes from your photographs, such as dust on a lens or the sensor. The best way to repair a shot is using the stamp tool.

When the stamp tool is selected, you can select a 100% view to make finding the blemish easier and after selecting either the light or dark brush and the size of the tool the software will magically make it disappear.

10-00.06.51 before1.jpg11-00.06.51 after1.jpg

Digital Lens Optimisation

Digital Lens Optimizer is an intelligent function that enhances your photograph based on specific data about the lens you used to shoot it with by downloading the profiles for the Canon lenses you have used.

This lens data can be used on a small portion of the shot to make adjustments and then applied to the whole photo based on the ideal optical characteristics.

06-DPP_0006.JPG07-IMG_0290DPP_006 fixed.JPG

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