Camcorders Glossary

A<a name="A">&nbsp;</A>

Advanced Accessory Shoe

Makes possible power supply and data exchange between the video camera and attached accessories, removing the need for inconvenient cords.

Analog Line-in

This function allows you to record images from an 8mm/VHS tape, TV or another analogue source onto DV tapes for easy editing and storage.

Audio Dubbing

Allows you to create and add your own commentary or soundtrack to your footage, thereby enhancing or explaining the images or creating a ‘story’.

B<a name="B">&nbsp;</A>

Built-in Video Light

Provides clear and colourful images even in complete darkness, saving you the need to buy or carry extra equipment.

C<a name="C">&nbsp;</A>

Custom Keys

Makes recording much easier: select your most frequently used functions (such as fade and manual focus)and assign control of them to two instantly accessible buttons.

D<a name="D">&nbsp;</A>

DV Terminal

This industry-standard, plug-and-play IEEE 1394 interface means you can directly connect to digital devices such as your PC for picture editing and processing.

E<a name="E">&nbsp;</A>

Extended Recording Time

The recording time is 3 times longer than in SP (standard play)mode, allowing you 4 hours recording on a 80 minute tape.

F<a name="F">&nbsp;</A>

FlexiZone AF/AE Control

Enables you to choose where to focus anywhere in the frame by moving the autofocus window in the viewfinder. Perfect focus is then assured -even if the subject is moving.

L<a name="L">&nbsp;</A>

LCD View Screen (2.5 "and 3.5 "LCD)

A flip-out,adjustable screen that acts as a large viewfinder, offering you high resolution images when shooting and instant playback of the results.

Long Hour Recording

A new Canon technology that dramatically increases the recording time possible on a single charge.

M<a name="M">&nbsp;</A>

MMC and SD Card

Allows you to easily store still images and transfer them from your camcorder to your PC. Each small size 8MB Multi-Media Card holds up to 78 still images in JPEG format. The SD Card has a capacity of 32 MB or even 64 MB and offers you advanced copyright protection.

Multi-Image Screen

Capture the setting sun or other image series in sequence by dividing the LCD screen into 4, 9 or 16 separate screens. Selection of transition speed also possible.

O<a name="O">&nbsp;</A>

One Touch Dubbing

Using a signal from your video deck’s remote controller you can carry out simple dubbing with the infrared signal.

Optical Image Stabilisation

Compensates for a wide range of movements and vibrations that naturally occur with handheld camcorders. The optical system produces super steady images without loss of image quality.

P<a name="P">&nbsp;</A>

Photo Button

Offers you the option of shooting still images in the same way as a camera. Can be activated both on standby and when video recording.

Progressive Photo

Reduces blurring of still images by using a mechanical shutter in tandem with an interlace scan CCD.

Progressive Scan CCD

Allows you to capture up to 25 full-frame images per second so that even the fastest moving subject can be recorded without distortion

R<a name="R">&nbsp;</A>

T<a name="T">&nbsp;</A>

Time Base Corrector

Eliminates image jitter during playback and skew during search, giving you a more stable picture.

Z<a name="Z">&nbsp;</A>

Zoom (10x,12x,16x,20x,22x Optical and 32x,40x,48x,100x,200x,320x,500x,700x Digital Zoom)

Our powerful optical zoom lenses range from 10x to 22x, ensuring you capture even the finest details. Razor-sharp digital zooms create the effect of up to 500x zoom on some models