Travel Compact Cameras

No matter where you go on your travels - from short city breaks to safaris – Canon has the best travel camera for you. Compact and lightweight, our travel cameras are packed with features that give you the power to capture and share all your holiday and travel memories in superb quality. These include big zoom lenses to get you closer to the greatest sights, GPS to keep track of where each shot was taken and Wi-Fi so you can share your adventures back home.

On safari

When you’re on safari you need a travel camera with a big zoom to safely capture distant animals in amazing detail. Our ultrazoom bridge cameras feature powerful optical zooms, plus Intelligent IS to keep images sharp and movies steady, and are ideal for capturing everything from stunning ultra-wide angle landscapes to extreme telephoto shots of wildlife.

City breaks

You can capture the real essence of a city - the architecture, street life, bars and cafes - with our high-end compacts. They put expert quality in your pocket and deliver superb shots in any light - thanks to features like HS System, wide aperture lenses and full creative control. Plus with Wi-Fi you can easily share your shots while you’re away.

Family holidays

Whatever your destination, on a family holiday you need a fuss-free travel camera that’s easy for everyone to use and versatile enough to capture every experience - from action shots of the kids and group photos to amazing landscapes and fantastic sunsets. Our easy to carry Superzoom compacts let you get closer to all the sights and include features like Intelligent IS and Smart Auto so all the family can effortlessly capture every precious memory in superb detail.

Exploring the world

On a big round-the-world trip exploring new places and cultures you need a lightweight compact travel camera with the flexibility to capture every unforgettable moment in stunning quality. With powerful optics in a small, lightweight body, GPS tracking and Wi-Fi for easy sharing with friends and family back home, our superzoom compacts are the ideal choice for long distance travels.

Social journeys and special occasions

Effortlessly capture great images when you’re away socialising or celebrating with friends or family using a stylish IXUS compact camera. Easy to carry on your journey and simple to use, they deliver superb results in every situation. Use one of our cameras equipped with Wi-Fi and you can easily share those special occasions via your smartphone.

Activity and adventure holidays

Our rugged camera is water, freeze and shock proof and includes GPS to keep track of where each shot was taken - so it’s perfect for capturing outdoor adventures, like snorkelling, scuba diving, skiing or climbing. It’s also protected against sand and splashes – so it’s ideal for the beach or by the pool. Alternatively you can make your Canon camera waterproof by adding a compatible waterproof case.

Technologies for travel

Optics & IS

Canon optics and Intelligent IS

You can rely on sharp, clear results - whether shooting at full zoom or handheld in low light - thanks to Canon’s high quality optics and Intelligent IS, which automatically combats camera shake.

HS System

HS System

HS System delivers superb results in every situation and excels in low light, making it easy to capture handheld the mood of sunset beaches, candlelit dinners or evening streets.



Canon compact cameras with dedicated GPS or GPS via Mobile tag each photo or movie file with location information so you can keep track of where they were shot.



Wi-Fi cameras let you connect seamlessly to smartphones and tablets for quick and easy sharing of your holiday images using your hotel’s Wi-Fi network.

HD Movies

HD Movies

Capture superb smooth movies in HD or Full HD or choose a camera with 60p video for the ultimate in quality.

Smart Auto

Smart Auto

The ultimate automatic shooting mode, Smart Auto uses multiple intelligent technologies for carefree shooting with stunning results.

Accessories for travel

Spare battery

An extra battery gives you the power to keep on shooting.

Waterproof cases

A waterproof case allows shooting underwater down to 40m, gives easy access to all the controls and protects your camera from sand, snow and kids.

Travel cases

The Travel Case has a multi-pocket design with room for your camera, accessories and travel documents and a versatile multi-point strap. Compatible soft cases are also available for every camera.