Products That our Counterfeited

The European Union has seen a 900% increase in the amount of different counterfeit products coming into the European Union in the last five years. ICCE estimates that up to 10% of the EUR 30 billion imaging supplies industry in Europe market may be represented by counterfeit products.

Approximately 2% of certain Canon products sold within the European market are counterfeits. These products include the toners for copying machines, cartridges for facsimile and laser printers, ink cartridges for ink-jet printers, cameras, batteries, binoculars and camcorders.

“Canon is concerned about protecting the rights of the consumer who is the number one victim. Fake goods may sometimes seem like a bargain but there are always hidden dangers for consumers. The person who sells you a fake won’t be around to help if it doesn’t work properly. Only the genuine article can offer a good deal.” (James Leipnik, Chief of Communication and Corporate Relations, Canon Europe).

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