Recycled, not refilled

Canon is committed to a zero landfill policy. Each element of every returned toner cartridge is reused - be it as a component in a new toner cartridge, as a base material in other industries, or as a substitute for fossil fuels. No part of the toner cartridge makes its way to landfill.

Recycling means that toner cartridges are neither refilled nor remanufactured. Toner cartridges that are refilled or remanufactured reuse critical toner cartridge parts that could be damaged or close to the end of their lifespan. They are more likely to malfunction, generate fewer prints, and do not guarantee print quality. By recycling toner cartridges, Canon safeguards toner cartridge quality and protects the environment.

As Canon is the original toner cartridge manufacturer, the company is ideally placed to know how best to deal with the materials that go into the composition of each toner cartridge. Recycled toner cartridges go through rigorous examination to ensure that each part is functioning at its optimum

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