Reusing Parts - Just As Good As New

Once toner cartridges are received at the recycling site, they are sorted according to model before being disassembled. It is at this point that reusable parts are cleaned and recovered.  After cleaning, reusable parts go through a rigorous inspection process that employs the same strict quality standards applied to new parts.  Parts reused in a new toner cartridge are the charging roller, sleeve and magnetic roller. 

Toner cartridges containing recycled parts are of exactly the same quality as those that are brand new, which is why all toner cartridges now display a message telling consumers that the cartridge may contain reconditioned and remoulded parts. 

Owing to quality standards, it is impossible to tell the difference between a toner cartridge that has recycled parts and one that hasn’t.

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Reusing Parts - Just As Good As New
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