Canon PR1000-R Presenter

PR1000-R Presenter

The PR1000-R is Canon’s wireless red laser presenter and an indispensable model for business travel.


  • Red laser pointer
  • Up to 15m*¹ effective range with 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Page Up / Page Down function
  • Volume control
  • Portable size
  • Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon PR1000-R Presenter

Red Laser pointer

The red laser is ideal for highlighting precise points in a presentation, thanks to the 650nm wavelength laser light.

Useful features

Controls on the presenter allow moving between slides*² and displaying a blank screen, and a useful volume control. The PR1000-R presenter is compatible with widely used presentation software, and needs no installation.

Long range wireless connectivity

As well as a red laser pointer, the PR1000-R features a range of up to 15m*¹ thanks to 2.4GHz wireless technology.

Handy design

The slim design is extremely compact, and the pen-like ergonomics offer easy handling and control in the hand.

Product Specification

Find out more about the Canon PR1000-R Presenter, its features and what it can do.

Plug & Play

plug & play

Portable Pen-size

portable pen-size

red laser

red laser

slideshow controls

slideshow controls

up to 15M effective range

up to 15M effective range*¹

volume controls

volume controls

*1 Wireless range might be affected by the environment
*2 PR1000-R does not provide Start/End Slide and Black Screen functions on Keynote.