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System Design Tools

These tools will help you to design a tailor made solution for any scenario.

Please be aware that the Canon Group Company, Axis Communications is now responsible for the sales and support of Canon network cameras ›

System Design Tools

Required Disc Space (RDS) Tool

Determining the Storage and Bandwidth requirements is a key part of designing any networked surveillance solution. Using this simple calculator, you can choose from a range of supported codecs, frame rates, and resolutions to determine the total storage requirements.

Angle Of View (AOV) Tool

Maximising the wide viewing angles can help reduce project costs. Simple select the appropriate camera and resolution and object size and this tool will calculate the all details you need.

Camera Layout Simulator

Camera Layout Simulator will help you to design a tailor made layout for any scenario. Simply upload the floor plans, set the scale, and start dragging and dropping the cameras onto the floor plan.

Canon Camera Management Tool (CCMT)

CCMT is a simple and effective tool designed to make setting-up and configuring your surveillance solution an effortless task. Featuring initial setting tools, and more complex and advance camera settings, CCMT is probably the only tool an installation engineer will need to deploy the solution.

Camera Angle Setting (PTRZ) Tool

The Camera Angle Setting tool’s intuitive user interface provides remote access to PTRZ cameras direction of view, zoom and focus.

PTRZ Cameras:
VB-M600D/VE, VB-M620D/VE, VB-M640V/VE, VB-M641V/VE,
VB-H610D/VE, VB-H630D/VE
VB-M700F, VB-M741LE, VB-M740E
VB-H710F, VB-H730F

Camera Accessory Compatibility Tool

This interactive Excel Spreadsheet will help you determine the accessories and fittings you may need for a range of mounting options.

VMS Compatibility Table

As a result of a worldwide integration programme, Canon’s Network Cameras are compatible with a wide and growing number of third party Video Management Software (VMS) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions. Download the latest Excel Spreadsheet for further details.

Support for your Network Camera

Download Software, firmware, manuals and troubleshooting for your camera.

Looking for previous NVS cameras

Find specification and compatible accessories information for older NVS Models in our archived product section.