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As your Business Partner we fully engage with you and your business, offering advice, insight and information as we join you on your journey to offer your customers the very best in print.

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Canon Insight Report

Canon Insight Report

Trends & Opportunities

Our commitment to the print industry - both as it stands now and in the future - has led us to commission five independent market insight reports since 2008. These reports analyse the trends and opportunities in print, delivering market-relevant data to Print Service Providers and ultimately helping you to capitalise on a constantly changing marketplace. As a Canon customer you will have access to the very latest report (Building your future with Print) and benefit from its findings, which deliver a fresh understanding of your customers’ requirements, as well as highlighting where opportunities lie for future success. 

This must-read report addresses the following: 

  • What role does print have in multi-channel communications, and how will this evolve over the coming years? 
  • How well are print providers meeting the needs of their customers? 
  • Which digital applications offer the greatest potential for future growth and more effective communications? 
  • What do print providers need to do to future-proof themselves? 
  • What new opportunities for growth are there on the horizon?

Essential Business Builder Program


Developing long-term value

As our Business Partner you can also enjoy practical business development support through our Essential Business Builder Program (EBBP). Delivered by independent print industry experts through three channels - Information Guides, Educational Workshops and Mentoring - our EBBP has already supported more than 3,000 Canon customers across Europe with bespoke advice, information and inspiration.

  • Information Guides - written by leading industry experts, this comprehensive series of guides covers a range of digital print-related topics, with practical insight into how you can improve business performance. 
  • Educational Workshops - run by industry consultants, these small, interactive groups provide you with the knowledge, inspiration and support you need to maintain competitive advantage. Covering a wide variety of print-related topics - such as Selling Digital Print, Marketing for Printers, Cross Media and Web-to-Print.
  • Mentoring - independent Consultants can visit your business to tackle specific challenges and uncover improvement opportunities over a timescale that suits your requirements. Designed to address your specific issues and bespoke requirements, this ongoing support helps you separate strategic planning from day-to-day issues, giving you the clarity you need to succeed.

Free print operation review and analysis tool

Free print operation analysis tool

Adapting to changing demands

The Business and Innovation Scan is a business analytics tool that Canon has developed to help you review and adapt your business strategies.

We understand that as the Print Service market is evolving rapidly, customer requirements are changing with it. As a result, you need to adapt to demands for shorter run lengths, faster turnaround times and more. Your success lies in being able to adapt your business strategy to meet these demands.

With Canon’s Business and Innovation Scan, we guide you to develop a strategic plan that will enable your business to respond to trends and developments in the industry, ensuring you are in the best position to evolve.

Free subscription to Digital Dimensions

Free subscription to Digital Dimensions

Enhancing your knowledge

By choosing Canon, you will receive a free subscription for Digital Dimensions, an invaluable tool to help your business maximise opportunities and knowledge. This online portal offers a wealth of information and insights that span business strategy and planning, as well as masterclasses dedicated to getting the most out of your print technology and workflow solutions.

Digital Dimensions provides a source of inspiration, knowledge and resource to help you adapt to market changes, diversify into new application areas, attract new business and ultimately, improve your business profitability.

The hub also hosts information on upcoming events, industry-specific news and insight and provides a platform for like-minded peers to interact. You will be able to communicate via a blog and ask questions of industry leaders through ‘ask the expert’ seminars, giving you access to credible information.

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