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AEGON reduce document and information related costs by 35% with Canon Business Services

AEGON are a huge player on the savings, insurance, and pensions stage. What started as a small equitable in Scotland has since grown into a multinational business, with over 47 million customers in over 20 markets.

They could see that the processes they had in place were ready to take the next steps to become even more effective to deal with new customer demands. The more efficient they could make them, the more time their employees could spend better serving their customers. To do that, they needed to outsource to a partner who could manage all of these services as one.

By outsourcing to one centralised location, AEGON’s average processing time for all customer documentation has been reduced to just one day – an improvement of around 70%. Amalgamating print files and increasing auto fulfilment has also helped reduce the number and cost of AEGON’s page output, so that in total, they’ve seen a 35% reduction in costs since the project began.