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Today, we no longer use advertising agencies for artwork layout and data preparation – instead this is handled by an external print provider, with all printing requirements carried out in-house by ourselves, delivering a quality that looks and feels like offset printing. As a result, I estimate we have cut our costs by about 50% across the entire process.

Christoph Brandner, Department Head

RHI AG is the world’s leading technology specialist and manufacturer of refractory products, which are indispensable to across a range of heavy industries. Maintaining this leadership is dependent on continuous investment in R&D. Documenting the output from their R&D professionals is also critical and relies on RHI’s in-house graphics and design department. Department Head, Christoph Brandner had a vision to set up a powerful department capable of handling a diverse range of marketing communications tasks flexibly and quickly. With Canon’s help, RHI now has a resource it can rely on for the high-quality printed materials it needs to keep customers informed about the company’s latest innovations.

Read their story and find out how Canon played a vital role in helping Christoph Brandner make his vision a reality.

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Cut sheet colour printers

Designed for commercial printers and in-house departments, cut sheet colour printers deliver excellent print quality, new workflow solutions and extended in-line finishing for a sound return on investment.

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