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Cross media communication combines the benefits of print and other digital media by utilising multiple channels and thus reaching a wider audience. Research has shown that the response rates originating from Cross media campaigns exceed those achieved with print or digital media alone (Infotrends Multi-Channel Communications Measurement and Benchmarking).

It is not surprising that cross media has been one of the most deeply discussed topics at recent industry events such as drupa 2012, the world’s largest printing exhibition, or at the recent Cross Media 2012 show in London.

For print and marketing service providers, in-house print managers and marketeers, cross media can open the door to a broader service portfolio, creating new revenue streams, driving print volumes and delivering more efficient and measurable ways of communication.

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What does cross media really mean and how can it be used efficiently?

Canon can provide the guidance and support you may need to create a strategic advantage for your business. The latest in our series of independently conducted market research – the Canon Insight Reports - revealed that media buyers are looking at their suppliers for guidance and advice about new technologies and best practice in the market place.

It is our ambition to continually inform, inspire and build dialogue between marketing professionals, brand owners and the marketing service or print providers who work with them by showcasing best practice within marketing communications across multiple channels.

Canon Services and Solutions

  • Essential Business Builder Program - mentoring and strategic advice to help you take your business forward in innovative and profitable new directions.
  • Canon Enterprise Services - providing large organisations with a framework to manage information and media across multiple channels. 
  • Market Insight  - such as the Insight Report ‘The Bigger Picture - your customers' view of the value of print’  and the CIM research study ‘Unlock the value of creative’ as well as other thought leadership.
  • A comprehensive portfolio of cross media and professional print solutions - from image capture to digital output

Please go to our Case Studies to find out how Canon is helping customers realise and implement cross media projects throughout Europe or watch our Interviews to see how industry experts perceive and value cross media in today’s communications landscape.

Case Studies

Canon cross media solutions in practice: Find out how Canon is helping customers realise and implement cross media projects throughout Europe.

Maya Vik

Maya Vik first achieved fame in Norway as the bass player of the Grammy award-winning pop band, Montée, which she co-founded in 2007. Since then, her individual celebrity status has continued on an upward trajectory and, through her modelling and work as a DJ, she has become one of Norway’s foremost music and fashion icons. So when Professional Photographer, Pål Laukli, and Creative Director Gary Swindell, were engaged in 2011 to help launch Maya Vik’s solo career with her debut album, Château Faux-Coupe, the pair knew that they had the opportunity to produce the multi-media launch event of the year. But they had to answer two questions first – how were they going to do that and who could help them achieve it?

Print in the digital era

Shown on this page is some feedback we gathered from recent industry events outlining what makes cross media and digital print such an attractive proposition for marketeers and print providers across Graphic Arts and In-House Print environments.

The manufacturer’s role in the cross media world – Cross Media 2012

Antony White explains why cross media is an area printers just cannot ignore.

Antony White, Solutions Group Product Marketing Manager, UK & Europe, Canon Europe Limited

Paper in a 360 degrees cross media view – drupa 2012

Dr. Axel Scheufelen talks about the role of print in the cross media communications mix and the importance of the printed paper for a complete communications experience.

Interview with Dr. Axel Scheufelen, Co-Founder, METAPAPER GmbH & Co. KG


Cross media keeps the print business alive – drupa 2012

Mark Lawn speaks about the opportunities cross media can create and the benefits for marketeers and print providers.

Interview with Mark Lawn, Professional Print Marketing Director, UK & Europe, Canon Europe Limited


Cross media campaigns – reaching consumers across print & digital media – drupa 2012

Nick Craig Waller provides a preview of the new Cross Media 2012 show in London.

Interview with Nick Craig Waller, Event Director at Informa Exhibitions, Organisers of Cross Media 2012 and IPEX 2014

The important role of cross media – drupa 2012

Kim Majetic talks about the importance of cross media for measurable success and higher response rates for marketing campaigns.

Interview with Kim Majetic, Marketing Director, Canon Germany

Canon Workflow Program

Antony White provides an overview of the Canon Workflow Program, which provides a range of software and professional services, including photo print and cross media, to help customers enhance their business performance and production processes. Through this program, customers can develop new digital print services - growing print volumes, adding value and increasing versatility.

Antony White, Solutions Group Product Marketing Manager, UK & Europe, Canon Europe Limited


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