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Quality Management

Canon’s Quality Management solution allows you to automate any of your quality control and conformance testing processes. The end-to-end digital and fully mobile solution allows you to set the parameters for each of your quality or conformance tests, perform the checks, store the outcomes and automatically route any actions for when non-compliance occurs. 

By eliminating manual, and often paper based, quality management processes you will achieve many benefits. Exceed your compliance and audit requirements, streamline your checking processes, improve your control over the quality and efficiency of processes and/or manufacture, and drive down costs.  

Real-time Quality Control helps you to quickly resolve any non-conformance, whilst instantly logging test results for audit and reporting purposes.

Did you know?

Poor electronic records-keeping is causing problems with regulators and auditors in 31% of companies, and up to 14% are incurring fines
© AIIM 2013,

Driving paper out of processes would improve speed of response by a factor of 4x
© AIIM 2013,

Two-thirds of those adopting paper-free processes report a payback within 18 months
© AIIM 2013,

Why Canon Quality Management?

Exceed compliance requirements

Meet quality and environmental management standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, whilst avoiding fines and penalties by exceeding record management requirements. Digitally capture critical information such as the date, time and user details for all checks, ensuring a complete historical record is achieved for legal and audit purposes.

Greater control

Ensure all required checks and tasks are completed correctly and timely by digitally monitoring who completed what task/check and when. Automated workflows help drive task completion, allow full visibility and tracking of any type of quality management related activities, and help reporting on quality metrics.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Automating Quality Management tasks increases productivity in many ways. Spend less time logging conformance and administrative tasks and quickly search and find information for query or audit purposes. Release resource by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with non-optimised and often paper driven document management practices.

Reduced costs

Reduce the costs associated with capturing, managing, storing, securing and sharing Quality Management information. Canon’s end-to-end Quality Management solution minimises administrative and production costs, whilst reducing the risk of potential fines from non-compliance.