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High quality at high speed

Canon is helping Volkswagen meet demands for faster turnaround times

Think Digital

Canon’s magazine for the print community.

Customer fulfilment at a lower cost

Canon is helping RHI’s in-house team deliver flexible, cost-effective services

Customer fulfilment at a lower cost

Canon is helping RHI’s in-house team deliver flexible, cost-effective services

Nine out of 10 organisations rate printing as “crucial” to their operations*. However, now that digital media allow executives to measure ROI with ease, in-house print centres need to justify the value they add to their organisations and their existence to C-level management.

As a leader in professional print solutions, at Canon we are on-hand to provide you with everything you need. From market insights and business development services to hardware, software and support, we can help you deliver high-quality digital print services that add value to your customers.

*Corporate Reprographics: Trends and Opportunities (Canon-sponsored Insight Report into in-house print centres by the Rochester Institute of Technology)

Meeting your challenges at every step

By working together from the outset we can drive improvements in your print operations. Combining extensive research in the print sector and direct conversations with our customers, our products and services are designed to meet the latest requirements of in-house print centres:

  • Minimising costs and maximising the value of investments
  • Providing customers with state-of-the-art services for all their print-related needs
  • Growing volumes by keeping ahead of competitive offerings
  • Developing sustainable practices that match organisational policies

Read on to find out how Canon can help.

Next steps

CRD Performance Enhancement Essentials

Free resource of guides providing strategic and tactical advice on key areas of modern CRD management.

Industry Insight

See the Bigger Picture is Canon’s latest report, highlighting how media buyers across Europe use print and what services they look for from their print service provider.

Think Digital

Canon’s magazine for the print community.

Case studies

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Taking your business to the next level with Canon

To take your print operation to the next level, you need to be able to take advantage of new market potential to unlock new opportunities. The Canon Essential Business Builder Program is designed to give you an industry-leading suite of tools and education workshops, as well as affordable expert consultancy that is designed to bring increased success to your print operation.

By harnessing your existing expertise with the knowledge and skills you can gain from the Essential Business Builder Program, you will be tackling the future with renewed confidence.

Managing costs with Canon

Bringing print work in-house to a well-run print centre offers significant savings for the organisation. Our research shows that these savings can be 10% to 20% compared with the costs of external suppliers. However, up to two thirds of in-house printers achieve less than 10% savings.

At Canon we are uniquely placed to help you understand and manage your costs - offering market research that identifies trends and new business opportunities to independent advice on enhancing your business performance. Our Essential Business Builder Programme also provides support in assessing that performance, optimising your print centre capability and developing detailed business plans, as well as promoting your services through new approaches to sales and marketing.

    Meeting customer expectations with Canon

    Changing requirements within key departments such as Sales & Marketing or Distribution mean in-house printers must keep in regular contact with customers to be able to respond with appropriate services.

    Our research shows that in-house printers operating a web-to-print service, for example, achieve a 94% customer satisfaction rating. By partnering with Canon to offer the latest innovations, such as multi-channel campaigns and e-commerce, your customers will benefit. With more efficient and effective communications you can help them achieve key business objectives and grow your value to the organisation.

    Key facts

    87% of media buyers view print as an important part of their communication mix
    47% of media buyers view ‘best value for money’ as the most important criteria when selecting a print service provider
    36% of media buyers are unaware of Print on Demand

    Source: See the Bigger Picture, Insights Report 2012

    Driving productivity gains with Canon

    In this digital era, in-house print customers expect the same high quality output from shorter-run jobs with faster turnaround times. According to our research, 57% of jobs require printing to be completed within the same day or sooner.

    Working with your teams, we will help identify areas where improvements can be made. We will also recommend the best combination of technology and support to drive productivity gains across your print operations. From image capture and print production devices to innovative workflow programmes and maintenance contracts, we will enable you to deliver more reliable and productive services.

    Our products

    Improving sustainability with Canon

    Environmental credentials are important to most organisations. This makes it vital that in-house print centres are able to contribute to the company’s environmental strategy.

    Even if your company does not have a certified Environment Management System, such as ISO 14001, you can still implement policies on the use of recycled and certified papers as well as the management and reduction of waste.

    By promoting your environmental credentials more effectively, you can demonstrate to the organisation how the print centre supports overall CSR objectives and adds value through energy savings and reduced waste.