Canon for Legal


Meeting client demands, maintaining profitability and staying competitive

With the pressure to be more competitive, improve service to clients and reduce costs, legal firms are taking a fresh look at the way they work and their essential processes. Leading law firms are embracing digitisation, finding innovative ways to engage with clients and reduce costs. At the same time, they are becoming ever more rigorous in meeting their confidentiality and other compliance obligations. We provide the process and practice to transform the operations that keep the wheels of justice moving.

Our experience with law firms across the world has given us a deep knowledge of the processes and technologies that can make a transformational difference to legal practices. We can give firms better visibility of all the costs relating to a case, making it easier to recover them from clients, no matter how they are billed. That same clarity of process helps to clear information bottlenecks, and helps with version control and audit trailing – a key consideration for compliance matters.

Our solutions and services

We work with legal practices of all sizes across Europe, from independent local firms to major corporate institutions. Our solutions and services scale with the needs of the practice, accommodating mergers and acquisitions and keeping pace with demand.

This international experience has shown us that, while there are many cultural nuances, the essential compliance, document management, printing and scanning needs of legal practices remain constant.

Similarly, the challenges of cost control, service quality and providing outstanding client experiences are universal.

This is why so many firms turn to us for help with the services, systems and processes that form the foundations of lasting client loyalty and efficient regulatory compliance. Canon solutions smooth the way for the creation and delivery of service experiences to delight clients.