Canon for Local Government

Local Government

“By rethinking the way that we work, Canon has helped us to better serve the citizens of Leeds.”

Helena Phillips, Chief Officer of Shared Services

Helping Local Government serve a ‘digital first’ society

Society has changed. Citizens increasingly expect services to be delivered through digital technologies. If they have queries or concerns they are going to seek a digital solution before considering the likes of paper, face-to-face and telephone calls. They now expect the same kind of seamless, consistent and joined-up experience that they are getting from their bank, their social media and other transactions.

Budgets are getting smaller all the time, but there’s still an increasing pressure to deliver more for less. This is where technology, and Canon, can play a key role. There’s a wealth of useful information and data within reach of Local Government, but it’s often restricted to the siloed confines of old legacy systems. Not all citizens are digital natives either, so the issue is also about education – not just innovation.

Our solutions and services

We’re working with an array of large public and private organisations around the world to tackle the biggest challenges facing them today. Typically, most of these organisations are asking the same questions. 

  • - How do you capture siloed information stuck in legacy systems? 
  • - How do you process that information quickly when it often requires manual intervention? 
  • - And finally, how do you deliver this information in a way that’s cost-effective, secure and provides a better citizen experience? 

Canon brings people, processes and technology together. We can take responsibility for your document, image and information processes and we can help you transform the way you deliver services to your citizens.