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Automated Forms Processing

Improve the way your organisation handles business forms, including customer registration forms, staff expense claims and marketing surveys.

Tailored to your exact specifications, the Canon Automated Forms Processing solution securely captures and extracts data from even the most complex paper and electronic forms. Now you can share the results and flag errors automatically before any analysis is undertaken, while archiving every form electronically for easy access in compliance with required standards.

Did you know?

70% of organisations consider scanning and capture improves the speed of response by x3 or more – AIIM

x6 – the improvement in response times possible with automated forms processing – AIIM

Why Canon Automated Forms Processing?

Reduce your costs

As a reusable and repeatable solution you can automatically process forms without the need for expensive specialist resources and the high turnaround times of manual processes.

Take greater control

Canon Automated Forms Processing increases your control over business information and keeps sensitive data within the organisation. Full visibility of the data workflow allows you to identify areas for improvement.

Work faster and smarter

Data can be processed quickly and accurately without the need for expensive specialist staff, human errors are reduced and turnaround times improve dramatically.

Meet compliance standards

With Canon Automated Forms Processing, errors are flagged easily and rules can be set for manual interventions. Control standards are put in place to ensure all data meets your security directives and is managed, stored and recorded correctly for easy retrieval and auditing.

Next steps

Watch our video to find out how Canon Document & Process Management can benefit your organisation: