Why partner with Canon?

By working in partnership with our partners, the Canon Partner Channel bring together the skills and innovation to develop the power of Canon’s brand, products, solutions and services to deliver mutual success.

At Canon we appreciate that our partners need:

  • A clear path to profit that is competitive with other products and services
  • Product innovation that is competitive in the market
  • Reliable delivery and support for Canon products
  • A partner with market credibility

Ease of doing business

Canon strives to make it easier for our partners to do business with us; we are committed to supporting them at each and every stage of the journey from planning to after-sales support. Our approach to business is influenced by our philosophy of Kyosei, which means “living and working together for the common good.” We are exceptionally proud of our people who continually demonstrate this philosophy. We provide a human face and a collaborative approach to interaction with our partners – ensuring we understand their issues and deliver long-term mutual financial benefit and success.

Plan your business

There are three different Canon Partner Programmes, designed to provide our partners with the perfect match for their capabilities and expertise. We will work with them to agree the best fit alongside their annual business plan. This will support their business objectives and enable them to grow with Canon. We will identify development areas to help partners achieve additional value, competencies and business benefits. The business plan will include an in-depth analysis of the partner’s business, which leads to an agreed strategic direction – outlined through clear targets and a future vision. We work with them on an activity plan to deliver that vision, revisiting it every six months to review progress and adapt it accordingly to ensure they are on track. Our dedicated account management and expert consultancy will also bring great business opportunities and valuable market insight.

Enable your business

Canon’s Partner Programmes are made up of a comprehensive set of certifications. The first step is demonstrating that partners are capable of the high standard of skills and knowledge required to deliver quality services to their customers. Certifications recognise their particular area of expertise and the breadth of portfolio they can leverage to new customers. Certifications enable partners to show off their skills, reap the profits and enjoy more highly satisfied end-users. We focus on developing our partners’ team’s pre-sales, sales and post-sales competencies in Canon technology. We give them access to our Canon Learning Portal, which offers a mix of face-to-face and online training, designed to equip their team with the deep knowledge and experience required to drive growth.

Maximise your profit

Our Partner Programmes recognise that there are different types of partners, who have different motivations for working with Canon and therefore require different levels of support. The level of support partners receive depends on their:
  • Loyalty & commitment
  • Certifications
  • Capabilities
Business drivers are a critical element of our Partner Programmes. Canon will provide partners with a monetary benefit package that ensures they are seeing a return on their investment. Drivers will be aligned with their business plan to help them grow and win new business. We actively support growth, spares, drums & consumables, co-marketing, tenders, product & showroom promotions and special offers.

Generate demand

The Canon Partner identity, showroom materials and events help partners maximise visibility in the market place and achieve recognition with their target prospects. We host events at international exhibitions such as EXPO, for them to visit – they can even extend invitations to their customers and prospects. We run an online partner locator tool to direct prospective customers in their region their way and help with recommendations about how to access clean and high quality customer data. We also help you to create compelling messages to engage with our partners’ customers and prospects to generate demand. Depending on their level of certification and competence, we support them with additional insight on verticals (e.g. manufacturing, education, legal) and campaign materials to target different decision makers e.g. Heads of Finance, It & Marketing.


We all want to drive sales, so we provide partners with a whole suite of tools to help them close business. Sales tools include:
  • Competitor comparison tools and counter arguments
  • Insight reports
  • Event support
  • Configurators
  • Vertical tools
  • Campaign assets
  • Thought leadership content
These sales tools are all accessible via our Partner Portal which acts as our partners’ very own 24-7 online Account Manager with all the information they need. We also run regular promotions and incentives throughout the year specifically to drive our partners' sales.

Fulfil and exceed your customer expectations

Once partners have made a sale, our dedicated support continues to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience and generate future incremental demand. We offer:
  • Remote service tools
  • Helpdesks
  • Service engineer development programmes
  • Training
  • On-site technical support
  • Future proofing