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Excellent Quality Colour Output – Canon’s Colour Production toner

Canon has improved the technology of its genuine colour toner to enhance the quality output. Canon has innovated its technology to expand its colour reproduction capability as one method to enhance the quality output.

As demonstrated in the image below, we can see how the different rays of  ‘colour gamut *1’ of the CLC1160/1180 takes a similar hexagon-like shape to the offset printing range – which means that the quality output is similar to that of ‘offset printing *2’.

*1 : The colors that can be created from each system are known as a Colour Gamut. The larger area of the Gamut indicates the higher performance in the colour reproduction.
*2 : Offset printing is a well known high quality printing method used for commercial printing documents such as catalogues, leaflets and posters.

“Canon’s genuine toner” brings more increased reproduction capability, providing your colour printer-copier with excellent quality outputs. 

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