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Photosensitive Drum - the Heart of Image Formation

The drum is involved in each of the five processes within the Copier Printing Process, which relate to the quality of output.

There are two main types of photosensitive drum; 'OPC (Organic Photoconductor) Drum' and 'A-Si (Amorphous Silicon) Drum'.

'OPC Drum' is a metal cylinder with an organic photo conductive coating which allows it to hold an electrostatic charge. 'OPC Drum' is low in price and easy to maintain.

'A-Si Drum' is a metal cylinder with a semi-conductive coating that holds electrostatic charge. 'A-Si Drum' has superior durability and stability - no matter how large the volume of copies you demand, the output of the image is kept extraordinarily stable.

The even charging characteristics of your drum ensures the stable attraction of letters or images through the printing process, as demonstrated in the diagram below.

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