Océ Repro Desk Studio

Océ Repro Desk Studio

Océ Repro Desk Studio large format software is an easy-to-use tool with a single, uniform user interface for printing to multiple destinations - local printers, central repro or even external print providers. It gives you true WYSIWYP - What You See is What You Print - viewing for pre print checking. Plus integrated print accounting for effortless tracking and allocation of print volumes and costs.


  • Easy-to-use application for printing to one or multiple printers, or to your external print provider
  • True WYSIWYP previewing for most common document formats
  • Integrated print accounting for complete cost transparency
  • Automatic job distribution to the most suitable printer
  • One application to print either in-house or externally at your reprographer

Detailed Features

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One single print management software

Océ Repro Desk Studio large format software meets end-users' needs for easy access to different printers - whether from Océ or other brands, wide or small format, color or black & white, local or remote - all with the same user interface. It also allows jobs to be submitted to local printers or even to an external print provider. Rules can be preset for automatic job distribution or splitting to the most suitable printers, for example by document format, use of color or size of the print job.

Integrated print accounting

With its integrated job tracking and print accounting capabilities, Océ Repro Desk Studio is a significant advance in wide format print management software functionality. The accounting features of the Océ Repro Desk Studio software allow all print, scan and copy jobs on wide format devices to be tracked automatically.

Product Specification

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