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Colour Management

Imagine you’re creating a masterpiece for the gallery or a huge lifestyle photograph for a private collection. Achieving the levels of quality and accuracy required across the diverse array of media your customers' specify, is a far more exact science than in most LFP applications.

That’s why serious professionals call on the help of Canon’s Colour Management, introducing the disciplines of ICC profiles into their colour workflow.

What are ICC profiles?
ICC profiles characterise the colour gamut for the exact combination of your printer, the ink you’re using, and the media you intend to print on. These profiles ensure you can generate the optimum transition between monitor and print.

So whatever media your customer specifies, you can guarantee the most precise results.

Download ICC profiles for your Canon imagePROGRAF printer
To introduce colour management into your workflow, we have teamed up with the following companies, listed below. These companies have created ICC profiles for their range of medias and are available by clicking on the links next to each company name.

Full instructions are provided and the ICC profiles are suitable for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Canson - 
Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH –
ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH –
Innova Art -
Sihl AG –

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